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  1. Blender recognizes that XPlane2Blender is an addon because of some files inside the folder 'ioxplane2blender' which is inside the zip file and because it gets placed into a special 'addons' folder.
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WIP Blender X-Plane scripts


Blender don’t came with X-Plane scripts by default

One big mistake people making at begin, is to associate the wavefront .obj format to the X-Plane .obj, by default blender came with a wavefront script for import/export, where we can see the .obj format, X-Plane can not use this file, but beginner will see .obj so they will use it.


You need to manually install the Marginal’s python script to be able to have new entry in the blender export/import dialog box
Here a picture showing the new entry in the dialog box with the script correctly installed


This scripts can be found on Marginal’s web site, make sure you meet the blender version asked, later version will work with the script, older will not.
You will need (if you haven’t get it) the python 2.5, that you can found here, caution the last python version can not work for some stuff, be sure to grab the 2.5, you can have multiple python version installed in the same time, on my computer I got python 2.5 + 2.6 + 3.0 in my c: folder

Blender 2.79 What Xplane2blender


How to install the scripts?
Simple expand the archive that you have downloaded at Marginal’s web site, you will have some file here that is important to install.
Find the files with .py extension, that’s the scripts, but be sure to take the DataRefs.txt & XPlane2Blender.html also, the script need the dataref.txt, and you will need the help read me from Marginal

You’ve got three ways to install the scripts for blender can use them:


This tutorial shows how to setup Blender and the X-Plane.OBJ exporter XPlane2Blender. These are the first steps in the process of creating your own custom o.

Xplane2blender Export

  1. Use Marginal’s install.command, personaly I never use it, so I don’t know nothing about this way,but it must be the more easier
  2. Locate manually the blender’s .script folder, and put all the file inside this folder with all the other .py scripts
    For that, you need to found the .blender folder on your hard drive, depend off the os, you will found it easily, in Windows, at the blender installation, you have been asked to choose where this folder will be created, probably in the blender foundation folder in the program file, in Ubuntu in your home folder, but is hidden, tape ALT+H to show hidden files
  3. Use a custom path showing blender where to look for additional scripts, that the one I use, and I recommend.
    Here a picture showing you where to find this blender preference panel
    You just have to drag the top windows header down, to access the blender preference pane, click on the “File path” tab, and look for the “Python scripts:” field
    Show it with the windows explorer where you have put your personal blender script folder, mine I call it “Blender_scripts” and it’s located inside My Documents folder (Windows XP show in the picture)
    But one thing really important, is that you have to save the blender preference now, otherwise the next time you open blender, it will lost the path for the script folder, so simply save your user preference, use the shortcut CTRL+U or use the normal command show in the picture
    But remember that when you save the user preference, all what is on the 3d layers (objects, mesh, lights, camera, materials) will be saved.
    So before saving your user preference, open a new blender empty scene by using CTRL+X, and now go in the preference to set the python scripts file path, and save your user preference.
    Next time you will open a new blender scene or a older .blend file, this preference will be available.