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HD mesh scenery version 4 for x-plane 11. T

TNCM - Princess of the Caribbean - Part 1- SXM-Princess of the Caribbean - Part 1: SXM This is the first part of two parts of next generation scenery.

he HD mesh scenery version 4 provides for a more enjoyable visual experience
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in x-plane 11 by providing more accurate mountain's slopes, elevations, roads and resolution we are currently looking at the area surrounding Seattle International Airport with the HD mesh scenery installed the nice thing about this add-on is that it's completely free of charge.
How to install the HD mesh scenery version for for x-plane 11 and how to verify your installation so without further ado let's get to it the HD mesh scenery version for x-plane 11 is developed and is available free of charge at the AL Pilot web site. TX Plane 11 Tncmhe first thing we want to do is we want to prepare the installation folders to do this we're gonna go to the installation Tncmlink here number 6 alright so the first thing you want to do we want to create a folder called triple Z underscore HD underscore global underscore scenery for now we have to make sure that there are no quotes and that the name looks exactly as it appears here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna copy the file name and we're gonna head over here right click new folder we're gonna paste the name and now we have the exact folder name that we need inside that folder we're gonna create the earth nav data

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it is case-sensitive so make sure that you copy it exactly as it's shown here on the website earth nav data the earth the e in earth is in capital and the N in nav and D and data a small letter we're gonna copy that and we're gonna head back over to the folder that we just created and we're gonna paste it in there.
We're gonna sake new folder and we're gonna paste the name we are now ready to move the HD global scenery folder into the x-plane 11 custom scenery folder to do this right-click cut the file and then move to our x-plane 11 installation custom scenery right click and paste now as you can see the file has been placed at the very bottom but when we run explain the custom scenery dot ini will place this entry at the very top and this is the default behavior when installing new scenery right now the scenery pack does not have this entry so we need to start explain eleven in order
for this scenery entry to be entered into the scenery pack stat INRI explain how started successfully.

Now we can take a look at the scenery packs dot ini file okay so here's the scenery packs ini file and as you can see now if the scenery packs custom scenery zze an HD global scenery for is now placed at the very top of the scenery packs on I what you need to do is you need to cut this entry and you need to move it all the way to the bottom of the scenery packs dot ini and the reason why we do this is because the HD mesh scenery is a base
mesh so anything that comes below it will not actually show because x-plane 11 considers this to be the base mesh so if I place it for example here all of the items so if I place the file here so if I place the HD global scenery in this position all of the items below will not show so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna place it at the very bottom right here and we're gonna save the file now we need to do one more thing we need to restart explain again for this to take effect so let's go ahead and do that now that we have the HD mesh folders in the right place and the scenery packs dot ini has been properly configured we can start installing some of the DNF files into the earth nav data folder I've downloaded a few files here so that I can show you how to do the installation and we're going to take this one here for example we're going to right click and we're going to choose extract files and what we'll do now is we will navigate to the x-plane 11 installation - custom scenery scroll down to our HD mesh folder which is this one here earth nav data and we're going to say ok and this is pretty much yet this concludes the installation.

To explain eleven custom scenery and we're gonna go all the way down to our created folder which is the HD global scenery for and Earth nav data and now as you can see we have the first folder containing the DSM files for that particular tile now that the installation is completed we need to verify that the installation is correct and that everything is working inperfect order to do this load the airport or load any area where you have installed the HD scenery mesh then we need to go to our route explained 11 installation we need to go to the log dot txt file open the file and scroll all the way down to this area here right here okay so we're gonna what we're looking for here is the HD mesh and as you can see there is an entry here for example that has a low time and it says that this DSF flow time is for file custom scenery triples the NHD global scenery for earth map data and it has the coordinates there so this is confirmation that indeed the area or the tile for this HD scenery has been loaded successfully into x-plane 11

Seems we're getting somewhere. Here's what I'd suggest:

➡ https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/2684/fs2004-st-maarten-princess-juliana-intl-scenery/

The first file on that page is probably the one you have juliana2.zip.
The second one was it's predecessor juliana.zip.

X-plane 11 Tncm Scenery

Do a ZipDive of both files and copy the readme's of both files... in both cases they are named: Juliana/Readme.txt at the top of each ZipDive page.

If you compare the two readme files now, you'll notice that the author didn't include installation instructions in the original file. Hence - the instructions he included in the updated version would be referring to his work - the original version.

X-plane 11 Tncm

However, this doesn't tell us how to actually install juliana2.zip. Grumpy wrote a nice (scenery) tutorial for FS2002 and my guess is he hasn't bothered updating it for fs9 because there is no need to. Give it a try, you might just find that you'll be revisiting that little treasure trove called 'Grumpy's Lair' on a regular basis.

X Plane 11 Tncm

Let us know how you're getting on 😀