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  1. WINNES GPS platform mobile client. Reviews Review policy and info. Free easy-to-use smartphone tracker, GPS locator for Wialon tracking.
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  3. Winnes gps 平台手机客户端,通过app查看车的位置,轨迹,分析车的综合状况,油耗,里程等信息,实现互联网和车主之间的沟通.
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Blood pressure monitor;heart rate monitor and remind. Display Health Parameters,This Smart Bracelet can diaplay the time, steps, distance and calorie clearly. Sleep Monitoring,Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motions every night (including light sleep and deep sleep). WINNES GPS is with intelligent checking vehicle location, vehicle history playback tracks, viewing the device alarm etc. Local phone + server using cloud storage to enhance APP response speed, is committed to the user the best experience!

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You may be familiar with location tracking through a phone, but a dedicated car GPS tracker is instead specifically designed to provide precise positioning and vehicle information to a remote user.

There are a number of key differences between GPS modules you can buy for cars and just regular tabs - like the ones you would use to keep track of your keys or wallet. However, the most obvious is that specialized devices have a better chance of remaining hidden and, therefore, still work in the event of a theft.

Parents and guardians who share a car with children may, with consent, also want a device to help keep a location log for safety reasons. Businesses, such as lorry and truck companies, often use the technology to help define clear check-in times for drivers of the company's vehicles, too.

However, aside from these examples, keep in mind that using a GPS tracker to remotely monitor someone's car is, at best, morally questionable, and, at worst, potentially unlawful.

So, once you're sure you need a car GPS tracker, you then need to decide which device is best for you. And that's where this guide comes in - below, we'll be outlining some of the top options for you to explore. Let's drive.

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After my positive experiences with the Winnes Bicycle Tracker rear light, I had the opportunity to test the bigger brother of the bike tracker:

The Winnes Car Tracker with 3 months stand by.

The car tracker works similar to the bike tracker and can be integrated into the same mobile app. Therefore I have now all my three GPS devices in one place.

Winnes Gps

The mobile app integration of several Winnes trackers needs to be done manually by the support team via WhatsApp.

The car tracker needs a „pay as you go“ SIM card and connects directly to the mobile network. This means no Bluetooth or WiFi connection is needed and the device works completely independent. As most of the tracker comes with „hidden“ monthly subscriptions the Winnes device can be run with any operator. For me, this is key as the running cost a much cheaper and no contract is needed.

I am using giffgaff and Tesco SIM cards and both of them work perfectly. After one month of testing the car tracker, my credit is still £9.14 (of £ 10).

The Winnes car GPS tracker has a built-in magnet to attach the device to a car. I did not test this yet as I plan to use the tracker when and wherever I need a tracking.

Most of the time the device is just in my backpack – and it feels great even I never lost a backpack ;)
Going to the park and playground with the kids I found it very useful to attach the device to the stroller or at my sons Go-Kart.

And of course, playing „hide and find the device“ is great fun with the kids.

Winnes Tracker Boats For Sale

The device is very solid as the main use is to track a car. Therefore it is too big and heavy to put it into the kids pocket. There are smaller devices available for this usage.

After one month of testing, I quite like the device and the idea to use it when and wherever I need a tracking makes a lot of sense for me. The price and the monthly costs are unbeatable.

Winnes Gps Tracker Server

Saying so the strong build in magnet is a bit of an issue when my mobile phone is in the same bag as the tracker. Also, the mobile app is still „work in progress“ and the interface is not very shiny. An API do services like IFTTT would be great too.