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Have about 20 or 30 book thrown around your room and don’t have a place where to put them? Well, that’s why bookends where invented for. You simply need a shelf and you’re done. Or you can put them on your desk or even on the floor. So, I think of them as extremely useful.

Vintage brass bookends can be a true staple in a vintage-style room. Coming in all shapes, including novelties, these antique bookends can be a fun icebreaker or a showcase of personality. From ships to horses to busts of Lincoln, finding a pair of brass bookends that meld well with the style of the space can be a fun task. Ceramic & Glass Bookends. Wooden bookends, log bookends, unusual bookends, Scottish gift, natural bookends, unique, book supports, modern decor, wood, bookshelf, 343 anyfink 5 out of 5 stars (402) £ 50.00. Add to Favourites. These teal decorative bookends have a subtle and chic accent to them as they are made from natural stone. The stone trim creates a mesmerizing pattern, which makes these rustic bookends a stylish addition to your home decor. The polished and smooth back of these durable bookends creates a unique design that spreads a calm and positive vibe.

The city brought adventure, great entertainment, wonderful food and unique experiences that were once in a lifetime. Now with this piece on my shelf, I am reminded of those great memories each day. These unique bookends tie in beautifully with the Seattle themed decor I have chosen and are a great addition. Deer Bookends: As one of the weightiest bookends in this collection.

Now, we have gathered 28 Creative & Unique Bookends Designs and I’m sure that you’ll find a lot of awesomeness. Some of them, although super expensive ($100-$200) they are worth every cent. How cool would it be to have a Vinyl Records bookend or a Fish Bowl one? Well, super cool! Below, you’re going to see a list with the most awesome bookends that you’ll find on the net. Their design and originality will take your breath away! Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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I’m weak! I always said I wouldn’t, but now I have and I feel ashamed. Don’t worry, what I am talking about is E-Books. I always said that I would never get an E-Book and that actual paper books were the right choice for me. Well, today I downloaded a book that I wanted to read from the Google Ebookstore. Is this the end of my paper book days? Well maybe for a while anyway so I will put my real books up on the bookshelf for retirement, but wait a minute…I have an open-ended bookshelf and no bookends! Seems I need a set of these…

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These nerdy ‘YOLO’ (you only live once) bookends are kind of cool and look great, but I feel the more books you place between them, the more the yolo idea would be lost.

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This might not look nerdy but by clicking on the image link you will see that it definitely is with other metal artwork bookends such as the word geek, nerd and REDRUM they are definitely nerdy and definitely well worth looking at.

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Stone bookends

With a minimalist look, these bracket bookends could make your books nice any tidily arranged on the shelf. I have to say that I kind of like these!

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These amazing hefty dire wolves should be enough to keep any amount of hardback books in check and if you are a bit of a fan of the show these might well be the perfect present for any Game of Thrones fan. Although it does have to say that they are a little expensive.

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If like me you are a bit of a fan of the zombie style tv show The Walking Dead then you might well find these zombie’s hands bookends as good as I do, and I find them EPIC!

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Simple but yet deadly effective is exactly how I describe these magnetic arrow book holders. Bringing a little touch of magic to an otherwise boring bookshelf they are sure to make a great talking point in any home.

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For fans of the book or the films, these are not only a good gift idea, but they are also a GREAT idea, the amazing detail and creative design make these a must own, the only thing that might go against it is that it’s rather expensive.

Unusual Bookends

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Believe it or not, that you are looking at is in fact bricks! Yes the same things they use to hold a house up can now do the same for your books, because these special order, made to requirement books are a pure joy to look at and while I couldn’t find any set prices it seems you just have to contact the seller via their Facebook page in the link.

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Stone Bookends

Do you have great collections of nerdy kung-fu books? Then these Katana blade sword bookends might well be the right choice for you. I have never read any kung-fu books, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting these for my own bookshelf!

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Where To Buy Bookends

For a nerd like me, it just doesn’t get much better than these portal 2 inspired bookends. I am sure they were fully tested in Aperture Labs, and shiny aluminium finish they look amazing and would make any bookcase look amazing.