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The channel.hypetrain.begin subscription type sends a notification when a hype train begins on the specified channel. In addition to a channel.hypetrain.begin event, one channel.hypetrain.progress event will be sent for each contribution that caused the hype train to begin. Basically, a hype train is an event that triggers after at least 3 different viewers contribute through Twitch-supported monetary contributions (Bits, subs, gifted subs). A hype train levels up after a certain amount of money or events have been contributed, the highest of which is level 5. A number of subscriptions, gift subs, or cheer events above 100 bits need to happen – there is a cooldown waiting period between hype trains; each event towards the kickoff threshold has to come from a different person (Eg. One person gifting a sub 10 times or 10 subs just counts as 1 event), and the kickoff threshold number configured by the streamer must be reached. Welcome to another Mortal Kombat 11! Now In today history of video breakdown and analysis, to capitalise on the hype train behind 'Aftermath.

Hey guys!
Welcome to another Mortal Kombat 11!
Now In today history of video breakdown and analysis, to capitalise on the hype train behind 'Aftermath' I will be talking about the god of wind and protector of earthrealm, Fujin.
In order for me to talk about Fujin properly I need to go far back to the dawn of time and discuss his origins, where does he derive from and where Is he In the current timeline and canon.
Fujin has always been a character thats played second fiddle to raiden but with how time has now been rewoven especially with aftermath he has now been given the chance to shine!
So I hope you enjoy this video as Its recaps the existence of the characters entire background and whats going on with him!
Now what are your thoughts on Fujin?
Are you happy with his return?
Will you be playing him on Aftermaths release?
And do you think he can coexist In a team with Shang Tsung leading the charge?
Please do comment down below!
So without any further or do please enjoy!
Also massive thank you to all the individuals that made this video possible!
Please Sub to them!
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And feel free to get in touch with me here!
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