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As transcription sites for beginners, Rev is a great place to start! Especially since they offer free training that comes in the form of tutorials and practice jobs. To make it better, you’ll even receive feedback from experienced transcriptionists after you completed a gig. Better transcription websites than Rev? So I've been transcribing with for several weeks, and I guess I'm pretty fast at it. It takes me, consistently, one hour to transcribe 30 minutes of audio. If the quality of the file is good, I can even sometimes do 30 minutes of audio in about 45 minutes. They usually pay around $0.50 a minute.

  1. Got an English text and want to see how to pronounce it? This online converter of English text to IPA phonetic transcription will translate your English text into its phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet. Paste or type your English text in the text field above and click “Show transcription” button (or use Ctrl+Enter shortcut from the text input area).
  2. Accutran Global. Accutran Global is “always” interested in hearing from new transcribers.

One of the most popular jobs to grace home-based earning is Transcription. It is very basic, and that you code a spoken text into word form. Some would argue it’s a no brainer, but it takes more than knowledge of the computer to be competitive at this job.

Most companies hire people with a minimum typing speed of 65 words per minute. Yes, touch typists.

We’ve prepared the list of transcription companies (including the best website for transcription) hiring entry level experts, so you could choose the one, which suits you the best and send your resume for typist application today. Check the benefits of every agency and decide yourself with what company to start.

Top 8 Transcription Jobs for Beginners

  1. TranscribeMe: A company lets you transcribe two minutes worth of audio files. It’s definitely a transcription job for beginners. It is very basic, there is no need for an expanded program, and it is easily accessible through Google Chrome. They hire from all over the world, and has staff that are paid at a rate of $14 per audio hour and if you’re a constant visitor, you get $2 extra for loyalty. If you’re well versed, they offer legal transcription jobs for beginners. They pay through PayPal, but you reach at least $10 to claim your pay. Visit this site today!
  2. BestTypingServices: This company provides transcription, retyping and editing services. You need to be very good at typing a document. Transcription includes many types: interview, market research, academic, video and others.
  3. SpeakWrite: It’s a transcription job for beginners but been in the market since 1997. SpeakWrite is US and Canada-Based Company catering to seasoned typists. You may need to practice a bit on the typing. They have
    Check their page out here today!
  4. Tigerfish: In business since 1989, this company values it’s friendliness to clients and of course the accuracy of its data. It requires you to be a good typist with a good ear for language as this company caters to clients from all over the world. It calls for different levels of interpretation for some of its projects. Higher level thinking skills must also be used. So, if you’re looking to be an online transcription job for beginners, here’s your thing. Download the audio files and resume at here requires a bit of experience, but rest assured, it will work out for those who are under a tight schedule or those who are looking to make a few bucks.
  5. DioData Solutions: It requires an applicant to type at a speed of 60 words per minute; fast? Yes. Definitely, but one must remember that advanced jobs require at least 90 words per minute. The jobs are scheduled per and paid per piece via PayPal. So this is your way working up to there. Their basic requirements include good communication skills. Submit your resumes at the DioDAta Solutions website.
  6. Scribbie: Since typing is the main player here, Scribble pays up to $10 per audio hour for transcribers and reviewers; it is an online transcription job for beginners, which means that each 6-minute audio file is worth about $1. Payments are made through PayPal and you can send your resumes at the Scribbie website.
  7. Quicktate (iDictate): Short micro projects in various languages, so if you know a language or two, you are very qualified. Hours are flexible and fast. Anybody with qualifications in website can apply.
  8. Clark Fork Communications: Another home-based transcription company based on the US, Clark Fork Communications offer both corporate and legal transcription jobs for beginners. Necessary requirements include being a US citizen, and having the necessary utilities to perform the task. These particularly include word processing software, a stable internet connection with a phone line, a file transfer program, and an account in any instant messaging application. For more information visit this website.

Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners: What to Have

You also have to have good listening skills and a working knowledge of the world around you not to mention good spelling skills. Oh also a good ear for accents, it may mess up your entire document if you can’t identify words in Scottish accent. But before you venture into advanced transcription, you must apply for entry level transcription jobs for references. It’s an all-around job; it makes use of all your skills. Some are learned, some are genetic but most are developed.

Check out the best entry level transcription jobs today!

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If you are looking for where to get freelance transcription jobs online, and you’ve got the required skills, then this article will be of huge help to you!

Transcription jobs are high in demand, and as a transcriber, you must avail yourself of all the available medium to benefit from the growing demand for transcription jobs. But bear in mind that to be an effective transcriber you need to have a great ability for fast typing and good knowledge of grammar and punctuation, with of course, ability to use the software needed for the transcription service.

As a freelance transcriptionist you enjoy multiple benefits which include flexible working hours, and the ability to work remotely from anywhere, such as your living room.

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Even though you are new to transcription business, and only looking for that initial clientele to add to your roster, the following websites have several listings of quality transcription jobs for you.

10 Best Websites for Freelance Transcription Jobs

You should be ready for the jobs with a PC / Laptop, an internet connection, and the required skills, including fluency in the specific language.

And if you eventually get an approval for the job, all that is required of you is to listen to Audio messages and convert it into a Text format, which means you must be of a multitasking nature(listening+typing) and an attentive listener to be successful in the tasks.


Scribie is ideal for those new transcriptionists who are rather after gaining the initial experience necessary before looking out for full-time or advanced transcription work.

It offers basic online transcription jobs which are usually of short duration, with a flat rate of $0.10 per minute. Although, the payment may be lower than what other transcription job sites pays, but the obvious benefits include high flexibility, bonuses and been open to promotion opportunities.

Additionally, the platform pays via PayPal without any minimum withdrawal limit, so transcribers can easily cash-out whenever they so desire.


GoTranscript is also another beginner-friendly transcription work site that allows you up to 6 hours for 10-minute audio file transcription. And you are able to choose from a host of available projects with very flexible working conditions.

The platform is updated with new jobs every day, so there will always be a job for you to do and the consistency will help you to master the job. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to learn on the job through the expert guidance you get from the Support team.

And the average earning via the platform is about $150 per month, billed at $0.60 per audio file. Payment is through PayPal.


Transcription Websites In India


TranscribeMe is perhaps the most advanced transcription site and it offers one of the highest rates for its transcribers. If you’re experienced in the medical or legal fields, then you have the best chances to make the most out of the platform.

Also, you can work few minutes on audio or video and when completed successfully, you’ll be qualified for more micro-tasks. The free registration avails you the training course, after which you are given an exam to prove your proficiency in the transcription job.

TranscribeMe is very flexibility in their work condition and you earn $15-22 per hour, which is subject to increase with more experience.

Transcription Websites


Athreon is more of transcription company itself that recruits online transcribers who are based in the United States and Canada for transcription work.

The transcription job types include legal, medical, academic, and media, among others. Every applicant must be experienced with at least two years in the transcription business and must possess an excellent command of the English language.

They are also required to work for about five days per week, with job type of 200 lines of script per day, which turnaround ranges between 12/24 hours.


TigerFish is a transcription company that hires US-based freelancers for the general transcription works available on the platform. The applicants are required to pass a typing assessment test and also have access to Windows computers with Internet connection.

Transcription Websites

The assessment test consists of short audio files of different formats, and the document to be formatted in same way as an actual transcription work. The transcription types include documentary film-footage, police interrogations, and individual interviews.

These transcription jobs are more ideal for persons who like the benefits of freelance work while craving for steady incomes.

6. REV

If you wish to work with REV, you’ll need to be very proficient in English language, and registering as a freelancer, means you must take the proficiency test which if you pass you’ll be contacted in about five days time before proceeding to select from the available jobs to start.

But, if you fail the test, you can get a second attempt, which will be at a future timing. Rev has the benefit of flexible working condition, and as a Rev transcriber, you’ll have the freedom to schedule and manage your own work tasks.

Rev platform payment is $2 to $30 per hour based on the transcriber’s experience, with average earning of $245 per month. Payment is done via PayPal.


SpeakWrite offers higher pay for its transcribers, but requires very experienced workers who are residence in the US and Canada.

Also, you are required to be proficient in typing, with a speed of 60 WPM and be ready to work for at least 4 hours per week. You can submit an application online for the available positions.

If you have a decent typing speed, you can amass $20 per hour. While the payment rate is half-a-cent per word and the earnings can be withdrawn via a Check or Bank Direct Deposit.


WeLocalize is a rather interesting opportunity for transcribers who are interested in getting paid for transcribing local songs and lyrics.

So, if you are a music lover and good at mastering the lyrics, then this platform will give you loads of jobs while entertaining you and the best part, you get a good amount of cash by every month end.

You’ll need to submit an application if you want to join and if your application is approved, you’ll be invited for available jobs, which you will need to download their app to start working. They pay $4 per transcription of lyrics and payments are done via Wire Transfer and ACH.


SpeechPad allows its workers to earn higher as they progress in delivery of the job, and they have flexible work condition with no minimum working hours. The platform have a variety of jobs which you can filter with your preference and able to choose according to your convenience.

While most of the jobs require no much qualifications, but very few may have specific criteria. For beginners, they can avail themselves of the 24hrs support available from the team for resolving any issue.

The obvious advantage of the platform is that you earn bonuses as well, which you get as you proceed with the work earning a good rating for work quality. You can easily apply at Speechpad by filling in the online application form and once approved you can start applying for jobs.

It pays its workers twice weekly and you earn up to $2.5 per minute. Payment is done via PayPal.


Nibity provides great earning opportunity for transcribers based in the US, Canada and South Africa. While much experience isn’t required, the jobs are available for individuals with decent computer skills.

It requires that transcribers would work an average of 30 – 60 minutes of audio files per day. You will need to fill in the application form online, after which if accepted you’ll take a proficiency test. Once you passed the test, you will be contacted by a Nibity representative.

The platform pays about 50 cents per minute, which is the equivalent of $30 per hour of work.