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We would like to show you how tracking works by using the tracking itself. We need your explicit permission for this, so please read this short information before clicking OK.

We are asking for your permission to track you from this site to show you how targeted advertising works. If you agree, a Google advertising cookie will be stored and accessed on your device. This cookie contains a unique Client ID, which allows us to track other websites you visit and show you our ads on those sites using Google's services (Google Display Ads and Google Analytics). This is called 'retargeting'.
For this purpose we are asking for your explicit permission to store the cookie from Google on your device and process your unique Client ID. Google Analytics does not process any other personal information except for your Client ID and your classification according to the following categories: demographics, geography, behavior and devices. If you would like to know more about this cookie, please visit Types of cookies used by Google (Category of use: Advertising).
Immediately after the end of this campaign we will close our Google Adwords account and stop all tracking activities.
We also recommend that you clear the cache memory of your browser and erase all cookies that you have collected in the past 15 days. In this manner the Google Analytics tracking mechanism that we used for this campaign will be disabled. You can also install Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on (available here).
If you agree, click OK. If you do not want to take part in this experiment, close or simply ignore this banner. We will respect your choice.


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  • Trackimo Corporate Office 450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1408, New York, NY, USA, 10123 (Sales Only): +1 646 626 6116 M-F 7am-4pm PST. Click here to open support ticket.
  • Trackimo is a well-established US-based GPS/GSM Tracking company. All around the world we have thousands of happy customers who feel much safer with our unique devices – from South America to New Zealand all across Europe and Africa — in more than 100 countries. Enjoy real-time tracking in every part of the world with no additional costs!
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.and here is why you shouldn’t like it. Tracking is a problem: We are becoming more transparent, while tracking stays invisible. Tracking makes it possible for companies to manipulate you. Prices are changed on the basis of what they think you are willing to pay, newsfeeds are altered accordingly and your personal weaknesses are abused. Always know what is going on at any time, anywhere with Tracki. One of the Smallest GPS tracking devices that gives unique flexibility the Tracki 3G GPS tracker is a Worldwide device that allows you to track in any country. With the built-in SIM card, track your precious things in real-time, alerting and sending notifications through text and email.