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All it needs is to come across a user with an iPhone 11 or 12 in its Bluetooth range, and voila, you have your vehicle location.

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Police Tracker On My Car

BHPian sunilg33 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Apple has launched AirTag, a button-sized object with location awareness, for tracking. It has a year's battery life and communicates to any iPhone 11 & 12 which is in its Bluetooth range. With its capabilities along with the ecosystem of billions of iPhones, there are endless possibilities for its usage.

One such use which came to my mind is car tracking. Since the device size itself is so small, it can easily be hidden in a car. So in case of car theft, there are good chances of tracking the same. All it needs is to come across a user with an iPhone 11 or 12 in its Bluetooth range, and voila, you have your vehicle location.

There are definitely major privacy concerns about this as it can be easily used to spy on you. Apple has promised to take care of this and I believe they will have the necessary checks for it.

When the AirTag comes in contact with any iPhone 11, 12 in the vicinity, it just sends its device ID to that phone. Then the phone relays this information along with the current location to Apple cloud. Then the cloud pushes the location information of the AirTag to the owner via the find my phone app. Overall the technology is simple and hence can be very successful.

It could still be patchy in countries like India where there aren't enough iPhones sold. But in countries like the USA where every alternate person owns an iPhone, tracking could be very quick and accurate.

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How to track a car with GPS for free?

It is not just an assumption. Yes, there are elegant and expensive four-wheel rides, which are just as expensive as they are classy. These grades of vehicular beauties often have inbuilt GPS technology, amongst other safety-related peripherals and features. Why else would it be all that expensive? I mean, no one would want to lose their money in the form of a poorly secured car. But how about cars that do not come with this feature? We have to improvise with the available resources at hand. In this case, our smartphones will do the job just perfectly. However, you might most likely need a personal computer or another device with internet access to be able to locate the car in real-time.

We will be looking at how to track a car with GPS for free by making use of a mobile app from SpySat. Follow these steps to track your car.

1. First of all, you need to go to the Google play store to download the car tracking application called SpySat from

2. After downloading the app and installing it on your Android phone, you need to open an account on to be able to continue using the app for tracking

3. On the spysat page, click on the spysat logo to direct you to the main login page, then click on 'New Account' to sign up as a new user.

4. In the sign-up page, type in your desired login details and credentials, then click on 'Create Account' to successfully complete your sign up.

Found gps tracker on my car

5. After sign up, you need to 'Add Device' to add the mobile phone that will be used as the tracker to the website.

Police tracker on my car

6. Go to the mobile phone where the mobile app was downloaded to and log in with your spysat login details.

Boyfriend Put Tracker On My Car


7. Now all you need to do is make sure the mobile device is in the car you wish to track. Then you can monitor the position of the car from the Spysat website.


Gps Tracker For My Car

This method might have a few downsides to it, like the mobile app does consume quite a huge amount of energy, so the smartphone needs to be connected to a power source, or it should have a strong enough battery backup. But it is a good enough option to track a car with GPS for free.