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Welcome to the Endurance Onslaught , a seemingly regular bracket tournament but with a twist.
The outcome of the match will not be determined by frames but by stamina.
Reach 100,000 points before your opponent to knock them out and win the match.
With matches as long as 2,000 frames this is a test not only of skill but of tenacity.
• Mod is lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm with some changes(mod is attached to this post)
[SPOILER='the mod : lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm']
It is lenshu3ng in an arena.
The other differences to normal lenshu3ng are:
-arms(wrists,elbows,shoulders) have 500 dmt(dismembermentthreshold)
-the rest of the body has 300 dmt(normal lenshu dmt is 275)
(dmt is irrelevant in this event tho since all dms are disabled)
-wrists do not take any damage at all
(the wristchange does buff punches and blocks with hands a bit)
A BIG thank you to aliosa for making this mod for this event.
(Set lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm as the mod and change the matchframes to 2000 , the winpoints to 100000(one hundred thousand) and disable dms.You can NOT change any other gamerule)
(The first person who reaches 100k+ points wins with these settings)
Here is a pic of the gamerules before and after the changes.Lenshu3ng_aw_arena.tbm must be loaded first before changing the gamerules.

• Best of 5 matches to decide the game.
• DQ is a loss.
• Timeout is a draw, you must reach the winpointthreshold.
(when a match ends by a draw no player will receive a match point,the score stays the same it was before this match started)

[SPOILER='further explanations']
Hello, here are some more explanations and thoughts for this event.
-First of all, I am hosting this event,staff has nothing to do with it except for sponsoring it,so if any commotion is started about this event talk to me and not staff.
-Second, i hope there wont be any commotion and people just stick to the rules.

A player loses a match if he quits/disconnects or pings midgame before he has reached 100k points.
Dismemberments are disabled in this event to get rid of one 'rng'-factor.
While this means there are no potentially cool decaps there also wont be any annoying,'random' wristdms which i consider to be quite nice.
Since there are no dms this also means you can pull off moves which would not have been possible in normal lenshu.
You can now hit the ground with a lot of force without worrying about your wrist or elbow dming which increases the possibilties for a comeback or a save drastically.
If a player is inactive or tries to avoid the matches i will advance the player who has shown more effort contacting his opponent to the next round.
If someone cheats or if someone tries to bend the rules in his favours i will ban him from this event.
Just act as a mature person,follow the rules and have fun.

[SPOILER='some tipps']
-You have (almost) all the time in the world here, so dont rush yourself,take your time to set up your comeback/attack.
That being said,the player who can set up a comeback/attack more quickly will usually have the advantage.
-Blocking correctly is important,dont give the opponent points if u can avoid it.
Do not focus on blocking too much tho,rather focus on your attacks.
-Due to the nature of the rules one single match can either take a long time(if no player hits correctly or some serious blocking is going on) or it can be over in 1-2 good hits.
-Since dms are disabled in this event you dont have to worry about 'random' wrist dms which i consider quite convienent.

-If someone uses pure usertext and you can therefore not see the points of your opponent at all times just use a different shader and you can see the points again.You can find the shaders under tools in the menu.To go back to the original shader just load the shader.

Toribash Ps4 Vr

Toribash is a ragdoll beat em up for the PC as you may well know. HOWEVER, Unlike other beat em ups, you make the moves, Extend your arm, lean backwards, grab, you get the idea. The aim of the game. Get ready for a bloodbath! This brutal fighting game lets you control EVERY part of the action and when I have that much control I fail miserably!Subscribe T. Have a look at the the one hundred 1st place winners in the top 5 insane fights series on ToribashDownload the 100 replays here:

Toribash Ps4 Controller


Toribash is an Action, Turn-based, Physics-based, Single and Multiplayer Third-person Fighting video game developed by Nabi Studios and published by Nicalis. The game combines the elements of Ragdoll and Fighting and revolves around manipulating the different joints of the players. In the game, you can hold, relax, contract the player’s neck, elbows, abdomen, hips, and other parts of the body. There are both Single and Multiplayer modes available where moments are executed in turn-based frames of length. Through customization, you can create and customize your character in your style by selecting hair style, limbs joints, and more. As the game progress, it becomes challenging, and you have to learn new moves and skills to face the difficulty. Toribash offers core features such as lots of Events, Character Customizations, Unique fight and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

#1 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

Toribash ps4

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is a Single and Multiplayer Fighting video game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is available PlayStation platform only and based on the action series of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure released by Hirohiko Araki. It takes place in the 3D environment, and the story centers on the events of Stardust Crusaders, in which Jotaro Kujo and his companion recently defeated the antagonist named as Vampire DIO. The evil makes his strategy to take revenge and attack on his friends suddenly and take down them. There are a variety of characters each with different fighting style, attributes, and personality. You can choose one of them to start your journey to save your friends. The game put you in 2v2 fighting matches and assigned you an objective to defeat the set of evil and their allies that come ahead of you. Learn new fighting techniques and new combo moves to enhance your performance and power. With superb gameplay, addictive mechanics, and exciting environment, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is the best game to play and enjoy.

#2 Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is the 6th main installment in the series of Marvel vs. Capcom and revolves around fighting gameplay developed and published by Capcom. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes and introduces the characters from the Capcom Universes and the Marvel Comics. The game takes place in the beautiful world and lets the player select his superhero to compete in tag team battles. It features 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 combat matches and includes a tag-based combo system. Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Arthur, Chris Redfield, etc. are prominent characters in the game. The primary objective of the player is to compete against opposing character, use his super powers, abilities, and combos to take down his competitor with in time limits. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite includes key features such as Vast Multiplayer mode, Single-player Content, Cinematic Story, Iconic Heroes, and more. With improved mechanics, superb gameplay, and smooth controls, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is the best fighting game to play and immerse yourself in combat experience.

#3 The King of Fighters XIV


The King of Fighters XIV is a Single-player and Multiplayer Fighting video game created and published by SNK for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. It takes place in the fantastic environment and introduces up to sixteen teams of three fighters, four unlockable characters, sub-boss battle and the final boss. To the start the battle, the player needs to select his playable character with the best statistics and get into the world where he must face the opponent to defeat. Kim Team, Japan Team, China Team, Fatal Fury Team, etc. are prominent teams in the game from which the player can selects his one. The game mainly focuses on 1-on-1 battles and each character in the game offers his unique moves, combos, and fighting style. In story mode, the player can select up to three characters or fighters and can battle against others to show off his skills and abilities. With improved mechanics, controls and gameplay, The King of Fighters XIV is the brilliant game to play and enjoy.

#4 Absolver


Absolver mixes the Action-Adventure, Fighting, Martial Arts, Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Sloclap and published by Devolver Digital. The game takes place in the beautiful world where the player takes on one of various warriors to battle against other players or Computer-controlled characters around the fictional land known as Adal to prove his/her worth. The story of the game revolves around the development of the human character as he battle to find the place in the collapsed empire. The fighting moves of the character are customized in a combat deck of cards, and each card offers a unique move. During the gameplay, the player earns cards, weapons, and equipment by progressing through the game. The game offers the martial-arts-based action role-playing gameplay, featuring the open world with free roaming and shortcuts, co-op and competitive and more. The player can explore the land from a third-person perspective and can build custom combination of parries, strikes, and feints to battle other players. Absolver offers core features such as Real-time Combat, Customization, Online Multiplayer, PvP and PvE, Upgrades, and more. Try it out, and it’ll entertain you.

#5 BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Toribash Ps4 Console

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is a Fighting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created Arc System Works and published by Aksys Games. The title acts as the 4th title in the series of BlazBlue and takes place after the events of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. It comes with a variety of different characters each has its unique skills, fighting style, and personality. During the gameplay, the player has to select his character from available and jump into the world of battle where he must challenge other characters and show off his fighting abilities to impress his friends. The gameplay is divided into multiple stages, and each stage offers different character to fight. Naoto Kurogane, Hibiki Kohaku, Nine the Phantom, etc. are playable characters in the game. It provides the similar gameplay to its predecessor and follows the traditional fighting mechanics. During the fight, the player can use his unique abilities, create combos by combining different attacks, and decrease the health bar of the opponent to win the battle. BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the fantastic video game for those who love playing fighting games.

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#6 Dragon Ball Xenoverse


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the mix of Fighting and Role-playing genres developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco Games for Multiple Platforms. Both Single-player and Multiplayer modes are featured in the game. The game takes place in the 3D world contains several locations in the universe of Dragon Ball. During the game, players can travel to explore the world and battle on the ground against opponents. It introduces the spoken dialogue from the main characters while fighting in battles and the character can show their expressions when they attack the opponents. Using the customization feature, the player can change the race, facial hair, voice effects, and outfits of the character. There are five different playable races such as Namekians, Saiyans, Earthlings, and more and each class has its unique specialities and play style. The game has many levels, and each level offers a set of tasks the player needs to complete at any cost while battling the opponents. Dragon Ball Xenoverse includes prominent features, superb mechanics, and detailed graphics. Check it out, and have fun.

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#7 Godzilla: The Game

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Godzilla: The Game is an Action-Adventure, Fighting, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Natsume and published by Bandai Namco Games. The game takes place in the stunning environment filled with monsters such as Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Anguirus, Gigan, and more. There are multiple modes present such as Destruction, King of Monster, Evolution, Diorama, and more. To get into the world, the player needs to select his monsters and immerse himself in fighting gameplay experience. The primary objective is to battle against other monster in one-on-one combat match and defeat him using the special moves and fighting style. The game offers the similar gameplay to Godzilla Generations. In Destruction mode, the player must control the main character named as Godzilla and his ultimate task is to attack certain stages and struggle to destroy all G-Energy generators within time limit. As the game progresses, the amount of military vehicle will be increased. Unlock other monsters using experience points and become the master. With improved mechanics, addictive gameplay, and stunning graphics, Godzilla: The Game is the best game to play and enjoy.