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Enter your TNT tracking number in the form below to track your shipment / parcel.

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How to track TNT Parcel or Shipment

'Track N Trace' tool makes it absolutely simple to track your parcel, post or shipment with ease. Just enter your TNT tracking or reference number in the form above and click on the 'Track' button. In case this above method doesn't work, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Browse to the official website,
  2. Under the Track Package section, choose national if you wish to track couriers addressed within U.S or choose international to track shipments outside U.S.
  3. Now enter your consignment number in the given form and click on the Track button as depicted in the image below.
  4. That's it, all the tracking details will be displayed which may include to and from addresses, current location, delivery status, e.t.c. Note that Track and Trace tool supports multiple packages at once.

TNT tracking number international format generally lies between 8 to 10 digit number. However, the format may vary according to the location and service.

About TNT Shipping Company

TNT Express is one of the largest logistics networks in the world, based in Netherlands. It is backed up thousands of employees, huge fleet and even it's own cargo airline company. Not to mention it's record breaking revenue each year, competing with industry leaders such as USPS, Fedex, UPS, e.t.c. UPS even tried to acquire this company for a whopping 6.7b, but the offer was rejected.

This company has complete presence in over 61 countries and provides shipping of mail, parcels and courier packages to over 201 countries. United States of America, China, India, Dubai, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, UK, Sweden, Thailand, New Zealand, Canada are some of it's strongest markets.

One of the reasons behind it's success can be accounted to technology. It adapts to latest technology and practices and in fact, TNT Express tracking tool is one of the first to offer courier tracking services. Coming to it's history, it initially started out as small scale transport business by Ken Thomas in the year 1946. In 2011, it separated from the parent corporation which is now known as PostNL.

Tnt Package Delivery

Our Customer Service team will answer any questions you may have about tracking your parcel. They can also explain any tracking statuses you’re unsure of. You can contact them here. To try and save you some time, below are a few questions we’re often asked about tracking packages. You might find a quick answer.

Why isn’t my package showing up when I type in my shipment number?

It can take up to an hour for a shipment to appear in our system. Give it a bit of time then try tracking your parcel again. Shipments stay in our system for approximately 90 days.

Why does my shipment number bring up shipments that aren’t mine?

Tnt Package

We handle over two million shipments a month. That means the eight-digit numbers used to track parcels get reused every three or four weeks. Your number might bring up a selection of shipments – one of them will be yours. Don’t worry: all personal information is hidden.

Track & Trace tells me I’ve missed my delivery. Can I rearrange it?

Of course. If the driver left a ‘We Missed You’ card, you or your customer can use it to arrange another delivery. No card? Just get in touch. You’ll need your shipment number and the delivery address to hand. Please note: shipments can only be redelivered between Monday and Friday.

I’ve just tracked my package and there’s an issue. What now?

Don’t panic. We’ll be in touch if there’s anything you need to do.

How do I get Proof of Delivery (PoD) for my delivered shipment?

You can get your PoD signature image from all our shipping tools, such as myTNT.


Stop with the searching and let your shipment updates come to you. Just download our app and enable notifications. We’ll then let you know every time the status of your shipment changes.