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AA - A Secret Society to Protect “The Secret” - Analysis of The Occult Symbols Found on The Bank of America Murals - Ancient Secret Societies, UFOs, and The New World Order. The Great White Brotherhood, in belief systems akin to Theosophy and New Age, are said to be perfected beings of great power who spread spiritual teachings through selected humans. The members of the Brotherhood may be known as the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, the Ascended Masters, the Church Invisible, or simply as the Hierarchy. The first person to talk about them in the West was Helena.

By Richard B. Spence, Ph.D., University of Idaho

In the early 1800s in India, a criminal secret society, known as Thuggees, was very active. In one year itself, they killed about 50,000 people. Another criminal society noted for exceptional murderousness was the Aryan Brotherhood. Read to know more about these two unparalleled violent cults.

Thuggee, the Deceivers

In the early 1800s in India, a secret society existed that seemed straight out of a horror movie. Imagine an evening along a country road in Bengal. A group of travelers, maybe 50 in all, settles down for the night. There are bandits on the roads, so everyone travels in numbers. Most are merchants or pilgrims, and many carry money and valuables. In the wee hours of the morning—responding to a signal only they understand—some of the men rise from their beds, moving stealthily in groups of three.

They reach for a sleeping man, and two of them hold him down. A third one takes out a belt from his waist and strangles the man. This is done to the whole group until all of them, except the attackers, are dead. If someone tries to run, he is killed by the pickets who are stationed especially for this purpose. The valuables are taken, and the dead bodies are dumped in a secluded spot nearby.

What just happened was a premeditated attack by members of criminal secret society called Phansigar or, more commonly, Thuggee. The word thug was derived from them. It is a Sanskrit word which means to cover or conceal. British officials labeled them as ‘The Deceivers’.

This is a transcript from the video series The Real History of Secret Societies. Watch it now, on The Great Courses Plus.

History of Thuggee

Thuggee had been around since at least the 14th century. Over the centuries, the dark brotherhood murdered possibly a half million or even a million people. In 1830 alone, they’re estimated to have killed 50,000. One thug strangler admitted to 900 murders over a period of 40 years.

The strict rules of secrecy kept the group hidden. People were admitted to the Thuggee cult by inheritance. Generally, a father in the cult would initiate only one of his sons into the cult. Wives had no knowledge of how their husbands earned money. The thugs lived a respectable life in their communities. They communicated through secret signs and a secret language called Ramasee. They could plot the murder of an intended victim right in front of him without the victim getting any inkling of it.

Thuggee was a religious cult too. They revered the Hindu goddess Kali or Bhowanee. If not fully, then at least her darker characteristics. They offered their victims to Kali as sacrifices and were rewarded by her in the form of permission to keep the loot. She also directed that there should be no bloodshed. They were very superstitious, and were very attentive toward signs and omens.

Thuggee was also remarkable for transcending the rigid lines of caste and religion. Although Kali was a Hindu goddess, roughly one-third of thugs were Muslims. They firmly believed that Kali controlled their fate in this world, even as they expected Allah to forgive them in the next.

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The Fall of Thuggee Cult

The end of the Thuggee cult started in the 1820s. An ex-army officer, William Sleeman, was appointed by the British government to get to the root of the disappearance of people. Sleeman carefully plotted the times and places of thug attacks, and was able to predict where new ones would occur.

He started putting undercover agents among the travelers. This prevented the attacks, and many thugs were caught alive. Some of them refused to talk, but some others thought that Kali had abandoned them and revealed whatever they knew.

A minimum of 3,700 thugs was captured by the Indian authorities between 1830 and 1870, and it is believed that Thuggee cult was no more in the business.

The Aryan Brotherhood

The state penal system in California created another criminal society like the Thugge, named the Aryan Brotherhood or The Brand. It was notorious for exceptional murderousness.

It all started with California unifying its prison system in response to the changes in society. Whites, blacks and Hispanics—who had previously had been housed separately—were now combined into a general population. By 1966, this set off a race war for protection and control of the internal drug, prostitution, and other rackets.

The Aryan Brotherhood had roots in earlier criminal gangs, as suggested by its emblem: a swastika combined with a shamrock and the number 666: Irish symbolism mixed with Nazi-biker imagery mixed with a dash of the occult. From San Quentin, the Brotherhood expanded to become a pan-nation organization with 15,000 to 20,000 members. However, the actual power was in the hands of an inner circle of around 300, with most of them serving life terms.

Since they were not very large in number, the Aryan Brotherhood had to be meaner. They had a reputation of fatally attacking anyone they thought to be their enemy, irrespective of whether he was a rival gang member or not. The Aryans’ reputation for violence eventually won them allies. They joined forces with Mexican mafia and then with the Sinaloa Cartel. This meant Aryan Brotherhood became enemies of La Eme’s Hispanic rivals, La Nuestra Familia.

Since the Aryans were skilled in murders, they were often hired as hit-men by other gangs. By the 1990s, the Aryan Brotherhood was estimated to be responsible for a quarter of prison homicides. But the brotherhood could also offer protection, for a price.

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Other Criminal Secret Societies

There have been many other criminal secret societies besides the Thugge and the Aryan Brotherhood. One such society is Japan’s Yakuza that was born out of a union of gamblers, thieves, and fallen samurai. With approximately 100,000 members, they are one of the biggest crime syndicates in the world today.

Another one is what is called Russian mafia. It is an extension of the centuries-old Vorovskoi Mir or Thieves’ World. And most recently, immigration from El Salvador to Los Angeles has given rise to Mara Salvatrucha, commonly known as MS-13. And lastly, there is La Familia Michoacana. It is a Mexican drug gang that split around the year 2000. This generated a new group which called itself Los Caballeros Templarios, the Knights Templars. A 21st-century drug gang naming itself after a banned order of warrior monks who had vanished 700 years before means some secret societies never die.

Common Questions about Thuggee

Q: Who eradicated the Thuggee cult?

William Henry Sleeman, an ex-army officer, was appointed by the British government to get to the root of the disappearance of people. Sleeman carefully plotted the times and places of thug attacks, and was able to predict where new ones would occur. Around 4,000 thugs were arrested, of which nearly 2,000 were convicted.

The secret society the brotherhoodQ: Where has the word thug come from?

The word thug is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning meaning to cover or conceal. In India, thugs operated from 14th to 19th century as a gang of thieves and assassins.

Q: What was the emblem of The Aryan Brotherhood?

The Aryan Brotherhood had roots in earlier criminal gangs, as suggested by its emblem: a swastika combined with a shamrock and the number 666.

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The Brotherhood of the Snake or Brotherhood of the Serpent is a supposedly ancient secret society, linked in with a varied of other myths including extraterrestrials controlling human affairs, ancient astronauts, ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamianmythology, theories about the secret meanings of the Pyramids, alleged pre-Jewish motifs in the Bible, and up to Rosicrucianism, the Knights Templar, freemasonry, and the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt. That's quite a long list, but the Brotherhood of the Snake functions as a kind of grand unified conspiracy theory linking almost everything in a long lineage of secret history from the ancient Middle East through the Egyptians and every secret society you've heard of (or not heard of, if they're really secret), possibly right up to our current reptilian overlords (including Barack Obama). All of this is chronicled in a variety of untrustworthy but grandiose books by the likes of William Bramley, Michael Tellinger,Jan Udo Holey (aka Jan van Helsing), and Xaviant Haze, as well as many badly-designed websites.[1][2][3][4]


A basic list of ingredients includes:

  • Founded in ancient Mesopotamia by Anu (or An) and the secret knowledge he communicated to his son Ea (or Enki). Both were worshipped as gods in Sumerian, Akkadian, and other ancient Mesopotamian religion under various names. They are credited with founding the Brotherhood. Some versions say that they were aliens.
  • Snakes are important, and this is reflected by motifs such as the serpent in the story of Adam and Eve, which encodes a deeper truth. This possibly has something to do with Ea trying to free the human race with his secret snake knowledge.
  • Most versions seem to involve a defeat of the snake forces, possibly with Ea/Enki being defeated himself and his knowledge lost (hypothetically reflected in the Biblical story of God striking down Satan after the latter's attempt to educate Adam and Eve), or the defeat of ancient Egyptian polytheism by Akhenaten. This may be introduced to explain why we're not overtly ruled by snake overlords, or merely to add some narrative interest.
  • This snake is linked with Satan, who may be identified with Ea or Enki, and the religion of Satanism, which embodies hidden truths.[5]
  • The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were aliens, or space travellers or wannabe travellers who built their pyramids for mythical purposes. These are connected to alleged pyramids on Mars and other astronomical bodies, possibly for navigation.
  • This ancient teaching was passed up through history through a variety of secret brotherhoods such as Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati.
  • They're still around, probably doing something involving the Rothschilds, the international Jewish conspiracy, Freemasons, or lizard people walking among us.
  • Snake symbolism can be found everywhere, indicating the influence of the Brotherhood. Obviously in the caduceus or staff of Hermes used as an emblem of physicians, but also in many other places (e.g. 'Rx' on prescription bottles means 'Rex' which links to the Eye of Horus which is a symbol of the Brotherhood of the Snake.)[6]

One difference between versions is whether the snake-aliens should be revered as bringers of profound truth (like Satan in the Bible), or whether they are evil reptilian overlords intent on enslaving the human race (like Satan in the Bible). These different versions are explored below.


Its prehistory includes various snake cults such as the gnostic Ophites, who were called the Brotherhood of the Serpent in Helena Blavatsky's classic theosophical text Secret Doctrine (1888).[1] Not much is known about the Ophites, but they appear to have worshipped a snake instead of Jesus or believing it to be Jesus; they don't seem to have done anything in terms of setting up a millennia-long conspiracy.[7] Blavatsky added her own interpretation, linking the Ophites with the idea that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden had tried to communicate mystical knowledge to Adam and Eve.[8]

Peter Tompkins in Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids (1987) mentions an extraterrestrial 'Brotherhood of the Serpent' as living among the Mayans in pre-Columbian Central America.[1] But the theory appears to have largely originated in William Bramley's The Gods of Eden (1989), which is widely cited as one of the chief sources by later proponents.[1][5] He believes the Brotherhood is formed of aliens played a sinister role in shaping human history, from the ancient astronauts who intervened at the dawn of civilisation to contemporary alien abductions and experiments, treating humans as no more than livestock.[9] Reportedly his theories began as a way to explain why human beings, seemingly decent, spiritual creatures, are perpetually caught up in war, conflict, and atrocities — the answer must be alien manipulation.[10] He isn't entirely clear on the motivations of the small gray aliens involved, suggesting it's partly to enslave the human race and partly to keep 'souls imprisoned in this universe' and prevent our spiritual growth. He also claims that the aliens have used threats such as communism and Islam to keep the human race in conflict; Bramley suggested that aliens inserted apocalyptic warnings into religions for similar reasons, to cause strife and disorder.[11] Bramley appeared on Coast to Coast AM on May 27, 2004 to outline his ideas.[11]

Michael Tellinger has discussed in Slave Species of the Gods (2005) how most human civilisation and history is related to aliens called the Anunnaki who want our gold.[12] His work claims to draw on Zecharia Sitchin's ideas to suggest that the human race was engineered by aliens rather than evolving naturally. Bizarrely, he also claims that the Anunnaki established a civilization in southern Africa around 200,000 years ago; he also links this to ideas that we can realise the potential of our alien DNA and do cool shit.[13]

David Icke is another other proponents of the theory, in The Biggest Secret (1999).[5][1]

Jan Udo Holey aka Jan van Helsing, who claimed Hitler lived in Antarctica after World War Two, and whose books have been banned in Europe for antisemitism is yet another fan; Holey chose his pseudonym because (according to skeptic Jason Colavito) 'van Helsing believed Jews were bloodsuckers who used the Brotherhood of the Snake to control the world'.[14][15][16] His book Secret Societies (1993) links aliens with secret Nazi technology; van Helsing suggests the aliens formed the cult as early as 300,000 years ago in Mesopotamia.[1]

Xaviant Haze goes all out. The Brotherhood's secretive rule in ancient Egypt was ended by Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), who in history is known for ending polytheism and worshipping a single god, the sun-god Aten. Oh, and Barack Obama is his clone: Obama had the Sun as his logo, Akhenaten worshipped the sun, QED.[6][17] Although to some people this suggests that Obama is a reptilian — and it explains why Obama instituted a ban on human cloning.[18]


There are many obvious problems with this, over and above the patent nonsense (aliens? Did nobody notice?). One is that the supposed ancient secret societies that received the secret knowledge didn't exist until the last 1000 years, leaving a big gap for all the secrets to be lost between the pyramids being built (the main period was around 2700-2400 BCE, with a revival 2000-1700 BCE that may or may not have been an unconnected imitation) and the foundation of the Knights Templar in 1119 CE or Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry around the 17th-18th century CE. You would have to have a secret Brotherhood of the Snake existing in total secrecy for millennia.

The Brotherhood Secret Society

Jason Colavito says of Bramley's introduction of the Brotherhood:

Pythagorean Brotherhood Secret Society

Note that there is no evidence whatsoever presented for the group’s existence. The group is presented as an assertion in the first sentence, given a name without a source in the third, and only then is evidence marshaled to support the supposition — but this evidence, the Bible and Egyptian texts, says nothing about any brotherhood of the snake. Instead, these are mere mentions of snakes that Bramley has chosen to interpret as evidence of a unified snake cult. In other words, this is nothing but circular reasoning.[1]

There is plenty of evidence of people worshipping snakes and other people fearing snakes: they're often dangerous, often big, and research suggests humans may have an innate fear of them.[19] But there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any Brotherhood of the Snake, and even if we uncovered proof that human history has been controlled by a secret conspiracy for over 5000 years, it would be many more crazy steps of extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence before there would be the slightest possibility that the Brotherhood of the Snake theories are true.

Cultural influence[edit]

Brotherhood Society

An obscure 1916 novel, The Boy Settler by adventure story writer Edwin L. Sabin, mentions a fictional Brotherhood of the Snake.[1]

Carmen Caine and Madison Adler's Glass Wall series of young adult fantasy novels seem to feature elements of the myth; book 2 was called The Brotherhood of the Snake (2012): 'What if humans were more powerful than they thought? What if an alien race had a reason to keep humanity entrenched in fear? And what if ancient beings that we've met before were still trying to protect us? And just what if the fate of Earth depended upon an average 17-year-old girl with a few secrets of her own?'[20]

American metal band Testament released a 2016 album called Brotherhood of the Snake. It has a very scary snake on the cover.

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