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Encryption of data at rest and in transit is the new normal. Or as Werner Vogels (Amazon, CTO) says: “Dance like nobody’s watching. Encrypt like everyone is.” The Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) supports both: encryption at rest and encryption in transit.

So now we know that Letsencrypt is a service that provides free SSL certificates to any website using Certbot, then our next discussion topic is how we can setup Lets’encrypt in our AWS ec2 instance. How to Setup Lets’encrypt in AWS EC2 instance. First setup an EC2 instance in AWS, by following my other article. By default, your customer gateway device must bring up the tunnels for your Site-to-Site VPN connection by generating traffic and initiating the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) negotiation process. You can configure your VPN tunnels to specify that AWS must initiate or restart the IKE negotiation process instead. VPN tunnel IKE initiation options.

As often, the tooling for the cloud does not deal very well with the fact that there isn’t unrestricted Internet connectivity from every subnet. This article explains how to set up an encrypted connection from an EC2 instance - running in a subnet without a route to an Internet Gateway or NAT gateway - to EFS. That includes scenarios, where your EC2 instance is required to use a proxy for HTTP and HTTPS connections.


Stunnel Aws Software

How does encryption in transit from EC2 to EFS work? First, the efs-utils tool configures and starts stunnel to establish a TLS connection between the instance and the file system. Next, the tool creates an NFS mount. The following figure illustrates the architecture.

Stunnel aws supportAws efs stunnel

How to mount an EFS file system with TLS behind a proxy or from a subnet without Internet connectivity? First of all, you need to install the efs-utils tool on your EC2 instance.

Aws Ec2 Stunnel

Next, you need to mount your EFS file system. All you need is the ID of your file system and the following command. Note, the -o tls parameter tells the efs-util to establish a TLS connection to EFS.

Stunnel Aws Certification

Stunnel aws certification

Stunnel Aws

Unfortunately, the command will fail when your EC2 instance is not running in a subnet with a route to an Internet gateway or NAT gateway.