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  • Watch videos, movies, TV series and TV channels instantly. Upgrade to the latest version of Stremio now! We couldn't detect a running Stremio, so we couldn't detect what addons you have installed.
  • Stremio makes finding new video content a piece of cake. All of your video content on one screen See what movies, series or videos you didn’t finish and continue watching them; get notified for new episodes and releases; and browse through the recommendations you will get based on your viewing habits.
  • Stremio Is a lot faster on interface and waiting times over scraping torrents and scrolling through the guide. The app and it's content also open really fast. Because that reasons only, i stay with stremio but the app is still not perfect.

This Stremio review looks at the most viable alternative to Kodi. It is becoming increasingly popular, and the app allows users to organize or stream videos in a wide variety of genres.

Unlike most of the Showbox alternatives that we have talked about here, Stremio doesn’t actually allow you to stream illegally. Instead, it branched out to most of the popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and more to gather all sorts of TV shows and movies available in their libraries.

This media player is more like a media management application, which is a one-stop-shop for all your video aggregation requirements.

In the same manner as Kodi and Plex, users can make full use of add-ons or plugins, which can change the functionality of the software and what it can do.

This leads users to wonder if it is legal to use. Here, we will look at all users who need to know about this application. We will also see who wins the fight between Stremio vs. Kodi.

Is Stremio Legal?

The good news is that the Stremio app is 100% legal to use. All video content that comes from an official add-on is safe, yet if users install third-party add-ons that deliver copyrighted video content, then that can be a different issue.

Streamio Xbox

There is a good chance of this because the way the Stremio app works are similar to Popcorn Time. The Stremio add-ons take content directly from torrent sites before delivering it to users to watch.

This means that the repositories and add-on cannot be shut down because there aren’t any, yet it leaves users wide open in the case of the legality of what they are watching with the streaming app.

It is just when the torrent site is taken down that it will affect the streams of movies and TV shows that are free.

To summarise, Stremio is legal when using the right plugins, yet once these are from a third party and they connect to torrents, then these media files will be illegal.

This shows why users will need to use a good streaming VPN to remain anonymous when using Stremio and to access copyrighted content.

How to Install Stremio

It is a recommendation that every user of this app uses a VPN before they even think of using Stremio.

These services can keep a user’s identity anonymous and prevent copyright trolls from tracking them down.

One thing to note is just like when installing Kodi add-ons. Users will need to turn on apps from Unknown sources on their Amazon Fire TV/ Firestick and other devices.

Here are the straightforward instructions on how you can install and setup Stremio on your device.

  1. Install and connect your premium VPN (more on this later).
  2. Create an email address where you can use a false name. Proton mail is both safe and can be created without any additional information relating to yourself.
  3. Head to the Stremio website and download the app for your device, and run the installer.
  4. Create and register your Stremio account on the ‘Welcome Screen.’ Use the email you just created above.
  5. If you want to download and install add-ons from third parties, do so now.

Installing the app is straightforward, and users can find it runs on a wide range of devices such as Android TV box, Nvidia Shield, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Users will see that all the clients are still in a beta stage, so this isn’t an official release version.

When users use an anonymous email and a good VPN, this can hide the fact they are even using Stremio at all.

ISP’s who are renowned for monitoring and recording user activities won’t see that this media centre app is in use.

The good thing with a VPN is that the number of torrent sites, which are blocked, is on the increase, so these virtual private networks bypass these blocks. Streams won’t show as dead, and every movie or show can be watched.

Some of the third party plugins allow users to watch Live TV from various parts of the world like it was their home country.


Stremio Features

The media center is feature-packed, so users can spend a while learning how to use Stremio. However, it is straightforward to use once users have carried out most of the basics in setting up.

Organising media libraries: Users can customise their movies and shows, so they are laid out as they like them.

A library can be renamed, and it can be arranged by media type, how recent the file is, and they can be listed in alphabetical order.

Stremio Hbo Add On

Push notifications: The app comes with a ‘Push Notification’ where users can set this. The app will let them know when there is a new movie or episode from one of the TV channels released.

HD streaming: All the content users obtain through Stremio is HD quality. This high definition content will be bandwidth-hungry, so this is another reason a good streaming VPN is required. ISP’s throttle streaming connections.

Subtitles: Rather than having to search for subtitles, Stremio will automatically fetch and display these depending on the movie users are watching. There are many advanced subtitle options users have to get the best experience.

Content Synching: This can be seen as a killer feature for Stremio, and it follows in the footsteps of many streaming services you pay for. It is simple to continue watching from where you left off.


Add to this; users can even change devices and continue playing from where they were. Another feature in this category is content that can be provided based on viewing habits.

Stremio Hbo Login

Therefore, if users are watching action films and search, the main ones to come up with will be similar movies in the same genre.

Ease of use: One key feature is the ease of use. All that users need to install is the app, videos; add-ons are all located on the Stremio server. It is this that makes jumping from one device to another so easy.

Add-ons need enabling or disabling, unlike Kodi, where they need to be installed before they can be used. Users can create a community add-on, and this option is right on the website.

Stremio Hbo

Speed: Stremio works faster than many other media-center applications. From browsing for free-content to turning on or off the add-ons. The app is speedy in operation.

Best VPN for Stremio

Users who wish to use Stremio with nothing more than the plugins which are official need not worry about their identity being seen.

Stremio Hbo Go

Yet, the majority of users will be looking to Stremio as an addition to, or alternative to, Kodi, or Plex or any of the many streaming sites there are on the internet.

With all content accessible from anywhere, there is a compelling argument for using this kind of application. The problem is the content that is under copyright, and the fact this does come from torrent sites.

Users do need to remain anonymous, and a VPN is the only way to achieve this. A free VPN is of little use because of the bandwidth caps or lack of security, so users do need to look at a premium VPN service.

The problem here is not all of them are suitable for remote areas such as New Zealand. While a VPN can be feature-rich, there is more to it than just having many bells and whistles.

One prime example being Surfshark. This VPN is quite new, and it is full to the brim with features and can be a viable option for many users.

However, when reading our Surfshark VPN review, users can see it only has a small VPN network, so this can affect download speeds in remote regions.

When you compare this against the older and proven VPN services, it may not deliver the same performance.

This can be crucial for any streaming experience, as repeated buffering can spoil a night watching a great movie.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, is one of the top VPN services there is. While it does not offer some features like the other, these are not as vital as a VPN that offers the best in user anonymity and privacy.

Add to this, industry-leading download speeds thanks to a large 3,000+ server network of optimised servers which run in Ram rather than slower mechanical hard disks, and users may not experience any buffering.

Copyright trolls will be in the dark to what any user using this VPN is accessing, so utilising this streaming application is 100% safe.

Stremio Browser

Add in the best 30-day money-back guarantee, and any user can sign up and test all the claims for themselves.

Stremio Hbo Go

It takes less than one month to find they are using the best VPN for Stremio. They can also find it bypasses all geo-restrictions because of the 94+ countries it covers.