Smallest Gps Unit Is The One

Smallest GPS Unit In The World At less than 3 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch, this amazing “Mini GPS Tracker” works based on an existing GSM /GPRS network and GPS satellites.

Now’s The Time

Smallest Gps Unit Is The One

Regardless of whether you’re novice on the car GPS market or you’ve had plenty of experience, the thing to know right now is that you couldn’t have picked a better time for your GPS shopping spree. Why? It’s simple, really – up until recently, the major manufacturers in the business were struggling to make their profits and customer satisfaction meet. The main reason for this was the fact that GPS navigation had little (if any) viable alternatives. However, smartphones really made the situation awesome for all those in need of assistance from above. How, you ask? Pretty much all smartphones have GPS, you all know that. And while that might not be such good news if you’re a dedicated GPS manufacturer, it’s awesome news if you’re an average consumer. Because smartphones drive GPS prices down, you’re going to have a lot more options when buying a GPS nowadays than you would have, say, a year ago.

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Size Does Matter, After All

So, let’s get down to business – how do you choose the right GPS screen size for your car? Well, start by looking at the problem from different perspectives. For example, taking a look at the particular model and make of your vehicle is always a great place to begin your quest. If your particular four-wheeled friend is in the SUV category, you’ll know right away that it has a larger windshield and, therefore, a whole lot more “real estate” for you to play with. A larger windshield generally means more space, which translates into a larger GPS screen. Heck, you can even go Goliath-size and get yourself a 7-inch monster that will guarantee you never miss a turn.

On the other hand, if you’re more into sports cars or convertibles, the aforementioned philosophy works the same way. In this case, you would probably be better off with a smaller size GPS, something along the lines of 4 inches (give or take an inch).

Almost Like You’re Working Out While Driving

Another thing you should pay attention to is the distance between the screen of the GPS (once you mount it, that is) and your driving position. If you happen to have a truck or a cruiser from the 60’s, you probably don’t want to lean forward every couple of seconds to check if you’re going down the right road, which means full-size once again. Similarly, if you like to be close to the steering wheel and dashboard, a smaller size GPS should work just fine.

Smallest Gps Unit Is The One Day

Try To Think Smarter, Not Harder

In the end, the thing that most people often ignore when thinking about GPS screen sizes is the difference between size and resolution. For example, a larger screen might have the advantage of size, but its resolution could be all over the place, which could result in a pretty useless GPS. On the other hand, smaller screens tend to be sharper and more colorful, which is a great selling point. The conclusion is – you should definitely consider these and any other arguments you can think of prior to going out and getting a GPS. Don’t be hasty, because you’ll end up wasting money on the wrong product. Instead, take your time, compare several different sizes and models and in the end you’re bound to make the right decision.

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“Smaller, easier, and whenever possible – more affordable.” That’s the motivation behind the creation of the GT0 tracking device. This GPS device is considered the smallest industrial GPS tracking device available today. It’s currently being used by over 300 companies to manage over 100,000 assets located across six different continents.

The GT0 – The World’s Smallest Tracking Device

Measuring at less than three inches by three inches and a little over one inch thick, the GT0 is the world’s smallest industrial-grade tracking device, which utilizes GPS signal to track various items around the globe. Its satellite-based communication ensures visibility in even the remotest locations on the planet.

This incredible device allows companies to track their shipments across the globe. The small unit is designed to be used on tanks, trailers, cargo units, containers, roll-offs, trailer chassis, waste disposal bins, Conex containers, and intermediate bulk containers. The GT0 is proof that great things do indeed come in small packages!

Smallest Gps Tag

For many years, GPS tracking devices were impractical for tracking shipment containers. They were simply too big and bulky to be attached to any type of container. The GT0 provides a palm-sized, fully sealed tag that has a battery life of up to seven years. It can also be encased in an optional metal bezel for extra protection.

Versatile Usage Options to Meet All Your Shipping Needs

Each GT0 unit is registered through a unique QR code. This code can be scanned if product information is needed. For instance, if your shipment somehow gets lost, the QR code on the attached GT0 will connect that shipment with your company.

The creators of the GT0 realize that not all containers have a convenient location for a GPS tracking device. That’s why they made the GT0 so versatile; its omni-directional antenna allows the shipment company to place the device in a wide variety of places.

The GT0’s small size is designed to fit on any small, remote assets. It’s also known for its easy “slap and stick” mode of deployment. And if you want a sturdy cover, the metal bezel is available both to protect this GPS device as well as increase attachment strength.

Durable Construction to Withstand the Elements

Smallest Gps Unit Is The One

The world’s smallest GPS tracking device would have absolutely no value if it wasn’t incredibly durable and able to withstand the elements that shipment containers often face. That’s why the GT0 was specifically designed to be an IP68 device – a weather-proof unit. It’s able to withstand the elements and still transmit a strong signal.

For added protection, customers can purchase a metal bezel. Not only will this provide an extra layer of protection for the GT0, but it also makes installation on the container easier. And it adds very little size to the already small device.

Smallest gps transmitter

Purchasing the GT0 for Your Company’s Shipments

Now available to the public, the GT0 can be purchased by companies along with its specially designed Track & Trace web-based software which allows executives to keep tabs on where their shipment containers are located

The GT0 automatically comes with a one-year warranty which can be extended to a three-year optional warranty at the time of purchase. The company also offers the option of a perpetual warranty through a Hardware-as-a-Service option. As long as the customer pays the monthly fee, the device will be covered.

Why Purchase the GT0 for Your Company?

If your business ships items across the United States – or across the world – it’s a good idea to utilize some sort of tracking device on your shipments. Why waste time and money trying to find missing or stolen shipments when you could simply plug the QT0 code into the computer and see exactly where your shipment ended up?

Some companies utilize their own trucks to transport items from one location to another. With the help of a GPS tracking device, you can check up on your employees and make sure the shipment is making its way to the designated location on schedule.

If you’re utilizing another trucking company, it’s nice to be able to see where your shipment is located as it makes it way to the final destination. Your business can only be successful if your inventory makes its way successfully to the buyer. This way you can ensure that your products are on the right track.

At times, shipment containers come up missing or stolen. Sometimes trucks are stolen. When you have a reliable GPS tracking device like the GT0 associated with your container, you can easily track where your items have gone. The more quickly you can locate the container’s precise location, the more chance you have of recovering your stolen goods.

Use This Incredible Device

When you employ the tracking expertise of the GT0, you can rest assured that your shipment will most likely make its way to the right location. Even in the event of a stolen container or wrong delivery, you can quickly right the problem.

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Smallest Gps Tracking Device

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