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Requirements: X-Plane 11 Only. Mac and Windows. Immersive The Take Command!: Saab 340A is a deeply immersive product! It has that special 'WOW' factor when you first load it up and see the visuals, all the way to the moment you move those condition levers forward and hear those engines and propellers move through various ranges. The Saab 340 is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft designed by Saab AB and Fairchild Aircraft.Saab began development of its first major civilian aircraft in 19. The Saab 340 as detailed as it get with all X-Plane 11 latest features Latest X-Plane 11 enhancements: Engine design optimized for XP11 new turboprop model Flight dynamics optimized for latest improvements in XP11.

March 11, 2021
Les saab 340 x plane 11 review

Leading Edge Simulations have updated their Saab 340A aircraft for the third time within the last month, taking the aircraft up to version 1.6.2. The main focus of the update was to further iron out any bugs currently existing in the aircraft. Accompanying the feature list for the aircraft was a list of smaller bugs that the developer was aware of in the aircraft and would be fixed in a new version or in the future, new version 2. Some of these issues included sim freezes when loading the Saab at certain points in the world, to find the full list of pending fixes, check out the announcement post.

Alongside working on their Saab 340A aircraft, the developer is also working on releasing a completely new version of their DC-3 aircraft. LES has been releasing small development updates on the DC-3 progress, covering many areas including modelling and radio equipment. Find the latest one in our previous article on the LES DC-3 V2.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Standby VOR From/To Indicator (wrong dataref assignment)
  • GPS, NAV, ILS, VOR, Runway EADI/EHSI Symbology (inadvertently missing in the last update)
  • Decision Height Knob (Added HOLD option for faster adjustment)
  • Taxi Light (adjusted length)
  • Flap Joystick Binding (fixed wrong parameter assignment on handle write function)
  • Flap Joystick (increased tolerance on detents)
  • Flap Deflections (flaps were not extending to proper angles)
  • Brakes (fixed logic for all sim brake commands)
  • Commands (created/verified overrides of sim commands for IAS, A/P Altitude, and DH)
  • Nav1 Data (corrected wrong use of nav2 variable reference causing a hard error)
  • Autopilot (added logic for alarm kill on re-engage)
  • Engine Temp (All new logic and ITT values)
  • Flap Indicator Gauge (changed animation to match new deflections)
  • Trim on Autopilot (fixed erroneous arming of NAV mode on trim adjust when A/P engaged)
  • Trim (added back manipulators and adjusted logic for all pedestal trim switches)
  • Gust Lock Lever (added new commands to engage/disengage gust lock lever)
  • Power Lever/Flight Idle Latches (verified auto-latch logic to insure PL can't be moved to Flight Idle in flight)

To update their aircraft, users are to log into their X-Aviation account and redownload the downloader from their original Saab 340A order.

If you do not already own the LES Saab 340A, it is available to purchase for $49.99 from the X-Aviation store.

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Saab 340 X-plane 11

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