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Transcription or mRNA synthesis is terminates when RNA polymerase reaches the stop signal on DNA. A termination factor or rho factor causes the release of transcribed mRNA molecules. The termination signal recognised by RNA polymerase on DNA is a GC- rich region (in prokaryotes) while in eukaryotes it also seems to occur in AT-rich regions. High quality transcription, QA, and call analysis. Analyst at QA World Role. You have good typing skills and a strong command of english. You will be producing high quality transcripts of audio calls. Access to a computer (laptop or desktop), internet access, and headphones. You do not need to own a computer, you only need regular.

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Q And A Transcription Definition

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Q And A Transcription

Q: How do I get an audio file to you to be transcribed?
We transcribe audio from a wide variety of formats: Cassette tapes, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, call-in dictation, or even legible hand-written notes. The easiest and most efficient way is to upload your audio on our secure file upload page. Uploaded audio can be in a variety of formats, either wav, ram, rm, dss, or mp3s.

Q And A Transcription Software

Q: How do you charge by hour? By page?
No. Paying by the hour – you never know how long it is going to take to transcribe a transcript. You also do not know if the person you have contacted is a fast transcriber. For someone that types 60 wpm, you are looking at it taking them at least six hours to transcribe alone and that does not include proofing it with the audio. Paying by the page – have you ever considered how many times a person says “okay” in a conversation with someone? That drives up your page rate. Our fees are charged by per minute of audio time and we are very, very competitive with other transcription services. This also allows you to quote a bid to your clients’ immediately should you need to.

Q And A Transcription Jobs


Q: How accurate are the transcripts?
All transcripts are proofread twice for accuracy. The transcriptionist assigned to the transcript proofs it with the audio after transcribing it. The file is then sent to a quality assurance editor, who goes over it again with the audio to ensure accuracy. This is a wonderful tactic in this business and we like to refer to it as quality assurance control.

Q And A Transcription Function

Q: Why is having our conferences transcribed so important? How will it benefit us?
More and more companies are having their meetings and conferences by phone, saving the company the time and the expenses involved with travel, and also saving precious time away from their desks. Having these conferences transcribed assures no details are missed and an accurate record is kept.

Q And A Transcription Services

Q: Our company deals with proprietary and confidential information. How do you protect your information?
All of our transcriptionists, including management, are required to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement before they are ever assigned a file. The majority of our transcriptionists and quality assurance editors have been with us for years and understand the importance of maintaining that confidentiality and not discussing anything that they have transcribed for us.