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Private Internet Access offers dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, web browsers, and more. With a lightning-fast global server network of 35,000+ servers in 77+ countries, Private Internet Access helps you access all the content you want, without restrictions, at the fastest speeds possible. All servers supports WireGuard®. PIA only uses bare-metal servers for our VPN network for enhanced security and performance. 14 Locations. 17,869 Servers. 4 Locations. 4,987 Servers.

CountryServer addressPort OpenVPN-TAP-UDPOpenVPN-TUN-UDP/TCPSocks5 ProxyHTTP Proxy
Argentina - Buenos Aires(Virtual)ar-bue.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Australia - Brisbaneau-bri.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Australia - Perth au-per.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Australia - Melbourneau-mel.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Australia - Sydneyau-syd.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Austria - Wienat-wie.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Belgium - Brusselsbe-bru.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Brazil - Sao Paulobr-sao.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Bulgaria - Sofiabg-sof.pvdata.host210001194/443 10808080
Canada - Montrealca-mon.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Canada - Torontoca-tor.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Canada - Vancouverca-van.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Chile - Santiago(Virtual)cl-san.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Colombia - Bogotá(Virtual)co-bog.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Costa Rica - San Josecr-san.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Croatia - Zagrebhr-zag.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Cyprus - Nicosiacy-nic.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Czech Republic - Praguecz-pra.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Denmark - Copenhagendk-cop.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Estonia- Tallinnee-tal.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Finland - Espoofi-esp.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
France - Parisfr-par.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Germany - Frankfurtde-fra.pvdata.host210001194/4431080 8080
Greece - Athensgr-ath.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Hong Konghk-hon.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Hungary - Budapesthu-bud.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Iceland - Reykjavikis-rey.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
India - Bangalore(Virtual)in-ban.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
India - Mumbaiin-mum.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Indonesia - Jakartaid-jak.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Ireland - Dublinie-dub.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Isle of Man - Ballasallaim-bal.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Israel - Tel Avivil-tel.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Italy - Milanit-mil.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Japan - Tokyojp-tok.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Latvia - Rigalv-rig.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Lithuania - Siauliailt-sia.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Luxembourg - Steinsellu-ste.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpurmy-kua.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Malta - Qormimt-qor.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Mexico - Mexico City(Virtual)mx-mex.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Moldova - Chisinaumd-chi.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Netherlands - Amsterdamnl-ams.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
New Zealand - Aucklandnz-auc.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Nigeria - Lagosng-lag.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Norway - Oslono-osl.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Panama - Panama City(Virtual)pa-pan.pvdata.host210001194/4431080 8080
Peru - Lima(Virtual)pe-lim.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Philippines - Manilaph-man.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Poland - Torunpl-tor.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Portugal - Lisbonpt-lis.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Romania - Bukarestro-buk.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Russia - Krasnoyarskru-kra.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Russia - 210001194/44310808080
Russia - St. Petersburgru-pet.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Serbia - Belgraders-bel.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Slovakia - Bratislavask-bra.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
South Africa - Johannesburgza-joh.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
South Korea - Seoulkr-seo.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Spain - Madrides-mad.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Sweden - Gothenburgse-got.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Sweden - Kistase-kis.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Sweden - Stockholmse-sto.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Switzerland - Zürichch-zur.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Taiwan - Taipeitw-tai.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Thailand - Bangkokth-ban.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Turkey - Istanbultr-ist.pvdata.host210001194/4431080 8080
United Kingdom - Londonuk-lon.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
United Kingdom - Manchesteruk-man.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Ukraine - Nikolaevua-nik.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
United Arab Emirates - Dubaiae-dub.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Atlantaus-atl.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Buffalous-buf.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Chicagous-chi.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Dallasus-dal.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Denverus-den.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Las Vegasus-las.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Los Angelesus-los.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Miamius-mia.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - New Jerseyus-jer.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - New Yorkus-nyc.pvdata.host210001194/443 10808080
USA - Phoenixus-pho.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
USA - Seattleus-sea.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Cityvn-hoc.pvdata.host210001194/44310808080
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The importance of preserving online anonymity and safety is not to be underestimated. That is why it is crucial to make sure you choose a VPN service that can protect you at all times. PrivateVPN and Private Internet Access have both proved to be highly reliable, but these services differ in several ways. Our PrivateVPN VS Private Internet Access comparison captures these subtle differences and lets you know which of these VPNs delivers a more well-rounded service.

Best For Security Buffs
Best For VPN Experts
PrivateVPN is a Swedish VPN provider that offers a myriad of useful features, tight security setup, impressive overall performance, and amazing connection speeds - all at a reasonable price.
  • Excellent speed/security
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • 24/7 live chat user support
If you are looking for a reliable VPN with plenty of servers all across the globe and rock-solid connections at decent to excellent speeds, you should definitely check out Private Internet Access, a US-based VPN service provider.Best private internet access vpn
  • Zero user logs kept
  • Offers SOCKS5 proxy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • P2P sharing allowed
1 Month
6 Months

Private Internet Access Server List

2 Years
1 Month
3 Months

Private Internet Access Vpn Server List

6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
* The prices shown represent the cost of one month within different subscriptions. To see all available plans and pricing options, check individual reviews.
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Number Of Servers
Number Of Countries
Private Internet Access Vpn Server List
AES-256 cipher; RSA-2048 handshake; HMAC SHA-256 authentication
no logs
Based In
Number Of Servers
Number Of Countries
Simultaneous Connections
Logs Policy
Dedicated IP
DNS Leak Protection
Allows Torrenting
Torrenting Servers

Private Internet Access Vpn Service

Value For Money

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Value For Money
  • Submitted By Ryder Clay on 01/05/2020
    What made me choose PrivateVPN is that I’ve read in a couple of places that it has servers with special IPs for netflix, amazon prime etc. Some servers get busy sometimes which makes the connection not that reliable and I’d suggest that there’s an option to see how many people are currently on the server so it doesn’t get overcrowded.
  • Submitted By Gaige Sullivan on 12/05/2019
    I’m from London and I have to say PrivateVPN is every gamer’s dream come true, I’m able to play without bugs or buffering or getting disconnected and I use it on my laptop for work and while playing on my home computer so it’s not limited to only one device.
  • Submitted By Ronald Carter on 06/20/2018
    Great vpn but I wish It had support for some other platforms as well. Hope this happens in the future. I especially like the fact that it can be used in China since I go there regularly for work.
  • Submitted By Jenny White on 03/13/2018
    Fast and easy to use with a ton of great servers around me. Def recommend PrivateVPN!
  • Submitted By JJ Sanders on 11/15/2019
    Private Internet Access does NOT protect your identity - it leaks your IP address. I really like the ease of use and the interface, but now have received several Copyright Infringement letters from my ISP while using PIA, even after their customer service suggested several fixes and adjustments. At first it was leaking my Ipv6 data, and we fixed that. I found that even though their suggested test site said it was OK, other sites shows the data was still leaking. Even after stopping that - PIA continues to leak my IP address causing me more problems. I used a simple Anonymizer previously for years with no problems. DON'T USE PIA IF YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR ISP ADDRESS.
  • Submitted By Anonymous of course on 10/19/2018
    I love this VPN. I highly doubt I'll use any other VPN ever. The only thing I dislike about this provider is that Amazon streaming and Netflix streaming are blocked but that's fine. I use other streaming services. I cancelled my Netflix subscription and I'd cancel my prime membership to Amazon too if not for the free 2 day shipping. I'll sign up again when they let me be anonymous on the internet like everyone should be. Anyways this VPN has never had downtime for me and the Killswitch means I can p2p with no worries. Torrent freak has 2 articles about PIA being taken to court and PIA informing they have a no log policy and being unable to help with any logs. I'll trust these guys with my privacy for sure. Conclusion: if you can survive without streaming Netflix this VPN provides the best privacy and security and has had it's no log policy tested. 5 stars without a doubt.
  • Submitted By Jose Cuervo on 10/02/2018
    I have been using PIA for several years now and am satisfied with the service. I originally used Viscosity as my client but the one from PIA has improved enough to make it the best option. Though I have not yet tried the Linux client, the ones on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android work well. Since I stared using PIA, they have added a bunch more servers and the performance has never been an issue for me. The combination of features, compatability and server locations represents the best value for me....YMMV. PIA was my third and so far best VPN experience.
  • Submitted By Maria Martonioni on 06/22/2017
    I liked this service for a while but I feel that lately they have started to slack a bit, especially when it comes to connection reliability. No matter what kind of server I connect to (I usually connect to US and UK ones, sometimes some European ones) the connection keeps dropping and I keep losing my protected connection which is definitely not cool.

Read our unbiased Private Internet Access review to learn more about this premium VPN service and see the results of our exhaustive performance tests.