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Oct 14, 2020 Phone Call Transcription Services The demand for transcription is to be accurate and that can be done only when the software could recognize dictation accurately and produce the phrases into a file with subtitles and no grammatical errors. A phone call will typically consume 1MB of storage per minute, so on our basic 25GB package, a 1 hour phone call would typically cost 15 pence per month to store. Depending on your phone system, there may be a cost involved in accessing calls. If you use Orecx, then charges of £6 per handset per month are typical. Webex doesn’t record your video or audio, but they do offer call transcription services. Call Scheduling and Setup. Nothing’s worse than a confusing back-and-forth between you and the person you want to talk to about how you’re going to meet. That’s why being able to easily schedule and set up calls is the foundation of any good. Aug 22, 2018 Automatic transcription services are the next step up from the manual approach. For this method, you upload files to a program that processes the audio quickly using automatic speech recognition. Nov 04, 2019 Call Transcription Services Transcribe phone calls inexpensively and let your staff focus on more important tasks. 98.5% customer satisfaction, 144 million minutes transcribed.

Amazon Transcribe makes it easy for developers to add speech to text capabilities to their applications. Audio data is virtually impossible for computers to search and analyze. Therefore, recorded speech needs to be converted to text before it can be used in applications. Historically, customers had to work with transcription providers that required them to sign expensive contracts and were hard to integrate into their technology stacks to accomplish this task. Many of these providers use outdated technology that does not adapt well to different scenarios, like low-fidelity phone audio common in contact centers, which results in poor accuracy.

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Amazon Transcribe uses a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition (ASR) to convert speech to text quickly and accurately. Amazon Transcribe can be used to transcribe customer service calls, automate subtitling, and generate metadata for media assets to create a fully searchable archive. You can use Amazon Transcribe Medical to add medical speech to text capabilities to clinical documentation applications.