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NELK Net Worth – $3.5 Million

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NELK is a group of Canadian YouTubers (Kyle Forgeard, Jesse William Sebastiani, Steve Deleonardis, and Salim Sirur) that has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million as of 2021 between them. This net worth is due to their channel getting an average of 1.1 million views per day plus merchandise sales (FullSend) and sponsorships.

How Much Does NELK Make From YouTube?

With over 6.1 million subscribers as of 2021 and over 852 million channel views, it is estimated that NELK makes around $1.7 million per year from their YouTube advertising income. Additionally, their merchandise is estimated to bring in $1 million a year on top of their YouTube Adsense revenue.

NELK is a group of four consisting of Kyle Forgeard, Jesse William Sebastiani, Steve Deleonardis, and their new member, Salim Sirur aka Salim the Dream. The group’s cameraman, Jason “905 Shooter” Pagaduan, was kicked from NELK in 2019 with the boys citing his “laziness” as the reason.

NELK rose to fame with their epic pranks and stunts like when they crashed random college classes and ate meat in a vegan restaurant. They made headlines in September 2020, after dropping their merch outside the Jersey Shore house in New Jersey. The event attracted thousands of people, much to the Seaside Heights residents’ dismay. YouTube even temporarily demonetized their account for violating COVID-19 restrictions.

How Much Does NELK Make Per Video?

On average, a video on the NELK YouTube channel receives 5.9 million views with the highest video accumulating 41 million views. The most viewed video on their channel, “Coke Prank on Cops,” is estimated to have earned over $160,000 since it was uploaded in 2015. Based on an ad rate of $10 per 1,000 monetized playbacks, NELK is estimated to earn $59,000 per video on their YouTube channel.

How Much Does NELK Make Per Day?

On average, NELK’s YouTube channel receives 35 million views per month with an average of $10 CPM. When divided by 30 days, it is estimated that NELK earns $4,700 per single day from YouTube channel Adsense income.

Other Income Streams of NELK

While NELK is known for pulling hilarious and savage pranks, they are also busy focusing on his side businesses which include brand deals and merchandise. It is estimated that NELK makes around $90,000 per sponsored post on Instagram. They launched their merchandise, Full Send in 2017 with products ranging from apparel and accessories to fitness gear and boots.

Where Do The NELK Members Live?

The NELK crew live in a house in Los Angeles, which they call the Full Send house.

How Old Are The NELK Members?

Kyle Forgeard is 26; Jesse William Sebastiani is 27; Steve Deleonardis is 22; and Salim the Dream is 19.

Who Are The NELK Boys’ Partners?

Kyle Forgeard, Jesse William Sebastiani, and Salim the Dream are single as of 2021 while Steve Deleonardis is dating social media influencer, Celina Smith.

YOUTUBE group NELK Boys were left red-faced after they accidentally leaked Mike Tyson’s phone number after a FaceTime call.

Heavyweight legend Tyson joined the pranksters in their high stakes gambling stream, which they do live every day in December.

But you can bet Iron Mike regrets doing so as after he abruptly ended the call, his contact information and number showed up on screen.

One of the members said: “Oh f*** we just got absolutely faded by Tyson.

Another could be heard adding: “Oh. Oh my God. What the f*** is going on?”

Messages then began to flood the live stream chat revealing the extent of their mistake, which occurred with 26,000 viewers watching on.

Nelk TwitchTwitchTwitch

NELK boys responded to the gaffe with a video of the moment Tyson’s number popped up on screen.

They captioned the post: “That moment you realize you just f***ing leaked Mike Tysons number..”

The group could now find themselves in hot water, as leaking people’s personal information is against Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

They are not the only ones to have suffered a similar mistake, as Brazilian and PSG star Neymar accidentally gave away Richarlison’s number.

Nelk Boys Twitch

The Everton forward said he got 10,000 WhatsApp messages in five minutes after his national team-mate made the error during a live-streamed online video game in November.

As a result, Neymar’s account was banned, but NELK boys’ remains active at the time of writing.


Nelk On Twitch

The Canadian YouTube group have come to prominence with their viral pranks and vlogs.

Nelk Boys Twitch

In October 2020, they hit the headlines after dancing to Y.M.C.A with President Donald Trump during a political rally.

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