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MPV Configuration (mpv.conf) on Windows 10 Pro. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. I’m a new mpv user and I want to watch 4k videos on my Mac, but the playback begins to stutter from time to time Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I was hoping someone could help. I am using a 1080p @ 60hz monitor for the time being, but I will soon be migrating to 1440p @ 60hz. In any case, I will likely redownload/remux these videos, but I feel like with my CPU choppy playback isn't really expected. The VLC playback isn't butter-smooth, but it is much better/is actually watchable.

MakeMKV - software to convert blu-ray and dvd to mkv. Gnome MPV handles subtitles quite well and can load external subtitle files for use with videos. Gnome MPV’s playlist manager allows users to quickly export/import playlist files at any time. Baka MPlayer is a free and open source cross-platform video player that bases itself entirely on MPV and the MPV libraries. # “hardware decoding is discouraged by mpv developers and is not likely to make # a significant difference in performance.” # Still: slightly better performance for 4K videos if enabled, apparently. Term-status-msg=”nvidia profile” vo=gpu. Hwdec=nvdec-copy hwdec-codecs=all. Vd-lavc-dr=yes vd-lavc-threads=6.

I am using non-mainline kernel at the moment, I will test with linux-lts between now and any replies, but I do not expect any difference; if there is, I will mention it, but I do not expect there to be and I will stick on the mainline lts for the duration of this thread. The reason I am using lts incidentally is that video playback causes X to freeze on the non-lts kernel. I made a previous thread some time ago about that here: and the bug report mentioned therein here: (which I see was updated recently, I should write a reply.)

I use ffmpeg-git for some codec support not in the standard ffmpeg package, and I use mpv-git to build against that. I have double checked that my current mpv-git is built against my current version of ffmpeg-git.

Weirdly, this returns blank:

And likewise for vdpau driver. I exported both variables (vdpau as va_gl, and libva as iHD and i915 - I am not really sure what it is meant to be) with no luck.

Current mpv.conf - I've played with it a bit with no luck:

Commenting out scale and cscale do result in much smoother playback - similar to vlc, though not quite as smooth - however, is this really the issue here? My CPU hovers around 20-30% in two threads only, the rest around 5-15% with those enabled - how much does hardware acceleration typically use? I am both not really satisfied with the playback with these commented out, nor do I understand why it makes such a large difference when the CPU isn't being used as heavily as it can be.

mpv -v output with them commented out (ie. with only hwdec=vaapi and hwdec-codecs=all set):

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi @Chainik and others,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you.

Now that MPV has added Vulkun support. There was reports earlier that MPV Player might finally be able to play 4K content without too much CPU usage after new API support. The reason we need this, is because right now we have no method of playing 4K 10Bit HDR content smoothly at all. Except using the build in TV Motion Smoothness options. MPC is restricted because of ffdShow with doesn't support 10Bit HDR, so hopefully we can get SVP & MPV to work with one of the new supported API's.

I am willing to do some testing. How do I change MPV Player to use the other API's and what are the codes needed please?

Anime 4k mpv

The way I know right now is to create a mpv.conf file in C:UsersYourUsernameHereAppDataRoamingmpv directory. Then adding lines such as --gpu-api=vulkan to use vulkan api for example. Is that correct and are there other options available here to add into the configuration file that we can use to improve performance?

Mpv 4k upscaling

Mpv Player 4k

I am really hoping we can get 4K content to work properly with MPV.

Any information regarding how to configure MPV player and play around with its settings will be helpful.

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Mpv 4k Live

4790K @ 4.7Ghz
GTX 1070 @ 2088Mhz Core & 9040Mhz Memory
16Gb RAM @ 2400Mhz @ C11