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Microsoft project essentials vs professional

I'd like to explain that the Project Online Essentials is a kind of service that provides the capabilities needed for team members to manage tasks, submit timesheets, and collaborate with colleagues. Project client is not included in Project Online Essentials plan, that means it is an online service and you can use it in Office portal. It can open.mpp file since it is a kind of Project file type. View features available in Microsoft Project, for both Project cloud-based plans and on-premises. Find IT pro resources you will need to try Project 2019 on-premises, including details about installation, upgrade, migration, and services. For more info on Project for the web and Project Online, visit the Microsoft Project Service Description.

  • The objective of this course is to teach you how to use Microsoft Project 2016 in a very simple and easy way by using step-by-step approach to build up a full project. We will discuss some project management concepts, and how we can implement it using Microsoft Project 2016. But, we will make simple and easy.
  • Microsoft Agent. Replied on March 7, 2018. Hi Luu, Generally, Project Online Essentials is a team member add-on for customers that have Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium, so you need to have Project Online Professional/Premium to use Project Online.
  • How the subscription works: Project Online Essentials only connects to the Project Online service accompanying either a Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5 subscription within the tenant. Description: Project Online Essentials features a web-based interface that allows users to submit timesheets and update tasks, issues, and risks only in projects created within Project Online.
Join many other students in this bestselling Microsoft Project Online course On Udemy!
With over 8+ hours of training, quizzes, and practical steps you can follow – this is one of the most comprehensive Project Online and Project Web App (PWA) courses available. We will cover the basics of how Microsoft 365 tenancy and SharePoint are configured to connect to MS Project Online.
Note:If you work inMicrosoftProject Server 2013/2016/2019, you can benefit from this course to learn how to configure and customize Project Web App (PWA). Just skip the initial 3 sections of this course.
The course is hugely interactive withstep by step hands-on lectures and quizzesbuilt into every section.
Learn step by step how to configure and implement a Project Online environment from scratch.
Follow the steps in this course to get up and running with an awesome customized Project Online environment for your organization or clients.
15+ Section to Master Project Online Administration

Microsoft Project Essentials Vs Plan 3

Covering 15+ major topics in over 8+ hours of step by step lectures and practice activities – this course has great value for you!
  1. Project Online Overview – Initial setup, system architecture, and requirements gathering tips.
  2. Configure Microsoft 365 for Project Online– Project Online licensing and Microsoft 365 tenancy setup with users and groups.
  3. Configure SharePoint for Project Online– Create, configure, and delete Project Web App (PWA) in SharePoint.
  4. Tour Project Online – Before configuration, tour Project Online PWA to understand what needs to be configured.
  5. Grant Access to PWA for Groups – Manage Security Groups
  6. Grant Access to PWA for Users– Manage Security Users
  7. Grant Access to PWA for Categories– Manage Security Categories
  8. Navigate Project Online – Learn how to navigate PWA and the Project Center by creating and managing Project files
  9. MS Project Desktop App Configuration – Configure and connect Microsoft Project desktop app to Project Online and PWA
  10. Project Online Customization – Customize Enterprise custom fields, lookup tables, and calendars
  11. MS Project Desktop customization – Access the Enterprise global, create a custom field, and project template from the desktop.
  12. Enterprise Resource Pool Configuration – Sync with Microsoft 365 to create the Enterprise resource pool.
  13. Manage Project Files from MS Project Desktop – Create, modify, and delete files on Project online from the desktop.
  14. Project Online Look and Feel – Customize views for Project Center, Project Schedules, and more!
  15. Timesheet Configuration – Turn on timesheets and configure fiscal and reporting periods.
  16. Complete Project Online Setup – Configure additional settings and test user profile configurations before Project Online launch!
Microsoft project online essentials

Microsoft Project Online

By the end of this course, you will be confidently configuring, implementing, and managing Project Online and PWA environments.
Every minute you wait delays from you becoming a master at Project Online (MS Project Server) administration. This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means there is no risk to getting started.
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  • Beginner Microsoft Project Online administrators who want to learn the essentials of getting Project Online up and running with the correct setup as quickly as possible.
  • Intermediate and advanced Project Online administrators who want a refresher course or targeted training.
  • Beginner MS Project Server administrators who are looking to learn to configure Project Web App (PWA) for their organization.

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