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Yes, MakeMKV can rip protected DVD and Blu-ray files including region code, AACS, and BD+ encryption. And it bypasses AACS and BD+ independently. From this aspect, MakeMKV is better than Magic DVD Ripper, since Magic needs the help of AnyDVD HD to decrypt Blu ray protection. How to rip a DVD or Blu-ray to mkv. Let’s get started. The process is the same for ripping a DVD and for ripping a Blu-ray. The main screen will look like this when you launch MakeMKV. Because it’s available in so many languages, much of the main functionality is done using icons.

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This quick How-To will show you how to create a manageable sized MKV file for your Blu-Ray rips, complete with subtitles that will work great in any player you throw them at.

Many Blu-Ray disks do not hard-code any subtitles (Avatar and Kill Bill Vol. 1 come to mind). Instead, they do very fancy subtitles built into the Blu-Ray format. While this is wonderful for watching on a Blu-Ray player, most file players have no idea how to deal with them.

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MakeMKV is your one-click solution to convert DVD, Blu-ray, UHD and AVCHD discs that you own into MKV. The only thing MakeMKV does - it remuxes/changes the video clips from the disk into a set of MKV files, preserving most information but not changing it in any way(no video and audio reconversion). There are many players that can play MKV files nearly on all platforms, and there are tools to convert MKV files to many formats, including DVD and Blu-ray discs. Additionally MakeMKV can instantly stream decrypted video without intermediate conversion to wide range of players, so you may watch Blu-ray and DVD discs with your favorite player on your favorite OS or on your favorite device. MakeMKV Linux is capable of making a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs. Files processed by this DVD and Blu-ray ripper will come out in the format of MKV in high definition. Files processed by this DVD and Blu-ray ripper will come out in the format of MKV in high definition.

This document is generated from a Linux perspective; if you use a Mac or Windows environment, you'll need to muddle through a few items to get them to work for you.

The necessary process is:

1- Convert the Blu-Ray movie into a large MKV file.

2- Strip out the subtitles into separate files.

3- Convert the subtitles into an easier-to-use format.

4- Re-encode and mux in the subtitle files.

5- Watch!

Tools you'll need:

MakeMKV - This will rip the Blu-Ray disk and give you an easy-to-work-with MKV file.

mkvtoolnix - This will allow you to extract, merge, and generally play around with the different streams in an MKV file. Many Linux distributions have this in their repositories; on Ubuntu/Debian, 'sudo aptitude install mkvtoolnix' will take care of it for you. We'll use this to extract the subtitles as-is from the MKV file.

BDSup2Sub - will convert the subtitles into a format usable by most players (such as VLC).

Handbrake - Handbrake is an easy-to-use program to re-encode and re-mux your video files into a manageable size. If you prefer to use something else, by all means, have at it.

VLC - A very, very good media player. It plays virtually everything you throw at it. Again, use whatever you wish.

Makemkv Blu Ray

Step 1 - Rip your Blu-Ray Movie

Using MakeMKV, rip your Blu-Ray movie as you usually would. Make sure to place a check for the subtitles before you perform the rip. This probably will take a while, given the size of the format, as well as the general speed of your Blu-Ray drive, your hard drive, etc.

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Step 2 - Pull the Subtitles Out

Once your movie is ripped, use the mkvtoolnix suite of programs to identify, then extract the subtitle files to .sup files.

Step 3 - Convert the Subtitles

Now, we've got the subtitles in a separate file, and we need to convert them to a different format so everything can use them. This is where BDSup2Sub comes in.

Step 4 - Re-encode the Movie With Your New Subtitle File

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Open Handbrake, and use the original gigantic MKV file as the source.


Perform your standard cropping, scaling, and video settings for H.264 here, as always. When you're done, go to the 'Subtitles' tab, and click '+ Import SRT.' You'll want to select the IDX file you just created. Choose to default it if need be (forced subtitles file).


Begin your conversion!

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After an excessive amount of time, your conversion will complete, and you're now free to watch the file in your player of choice.