Llama Bookends

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Here is something new. These exoctic wood neckless llamas are 1 to 1 1/2' tall. They do not come with the chains. $20

Pack Llamas ready for the trail. These packers are 8 1/2' tall and are free standing. They look good on a shelf or mantel.

A show ribbon holder with the youth name and two llamas. This one is designed to hang on the wall. It is 12 inches long but can be made any length. This is also available with alpacas, dogs, horses, or any other animal.

A two llama 3-D business card holder for your stall front.

A 'Stall Ribbon Display'. It hangs on your stall and you hang your winning ribbons on it.
This makes a great llama show trophy or award.

A set of three llama candle holders. They are 5' by 5' and 6' tall to accommodate a large candle.The base is removable for easy candle lighting. The exotic woods are Paduak, Birds Eye Maple, and Bubinga
$135 for the set of three

This 'Double Spiral Llama Mobile' features 15 llamas and is 57' long. The picture does not do it justice.
This is also available with any other animal.

These kushed llama napkin rings add a touch of
'llama' class to any table setting. They are available in walnut, cherry, oak or maple wood.
$7.50 each

This phone holder is made with Leopard wood.
It will work as a holder to charge your phone or as working desk top or table top phone holder.

Llama Bookends

This table top napkin holder of a girl kissing a llama is 5.5' x 6' and is made out of quarter sawed white oak.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Llama Jewelry Box

These llama switch plate covers are available in singles, doubles, and as triple switch plates. They are available in any of my exotic woods. Single $20, Double $25, Triple $30

All 3 sizes of llama switch plate covers. These are in Birdseye maple wood which is close to the color of standard switch covers.
Single $20, Double $25, Triple $30

Llama Ear Rings. The llamas are just a hair over 1' tall
and can be available with in various bead colors. $15

Contemporary llama business card holder. Cherry wood $25

Alpaca Business Card Holder - $38

Llama or Alpaca Mobile

The mobile is 8' in diameter and has 9 llamas or alpacas.

Llama light switch surround

The “Llama Window Art” llamas are available in many
types of exotic wood. They are 4 inches tall and come with a
7/8 inch suction cup. $15

Use a llama to keep your pots from boiling over.

Llama show number bolas.
There are 3 different configurations, head and neck, kushed llama, and standing llama. They are available in many different exotic woods and come either in the around the neck style or the collar clip style.

Did you know that salads are much better when
served with 'Bamboo Llama Salad Hands'.
These 7' by 4' curved bamboo salad hands
have a llama cut into each hand.
Get one of these and serve with style. $30

Something a little different. This is a 15 x 10.75' 3-D llama head cut out of a unique piece of curly maple with an African wedge wood backing. Would this look good on your wall?

Forgot where you put your keys?
Always put them on your llama key holder.

Looking for an inexpensive gift? Here are three different
llama coaster samples. They come in sets of four in a wide selection of exotic woods. The coasters are cork backed and have four coats of polyurethane so they don't stain.
$35 per set of 4

A llama rings flower vase. This vase is made with Padauk
and Black Walnut and stands 10' tall. $65

Llama Rings Bud Vase
Something a little different. It is a contemporary llama bud vase made in rings from Paduak, an exotic wood from Africa, and Black Walnut.

Infinity Llama Bud Vase. This one is made with Paduak and black walnut.

Performance llama napkin holder. The front side features a mini clock. If you don't want to know what time it is, turn it around. The back side is identical without the clock.

Key Chain Fobs designed with exotic woods.

Llama Candle Surround
The Candle Surround has llamas on all 4 sides.
It is made out of Bubinga wood and comes apart into
4 flat pieces for storage.

Llama Kleenex Box Cover

Llama Cherry Mail Holder - $40

This is a basket weave with a llama on each side napkin holder. The weave is made from cherry and the llamas from leopard wood. Bet it would look good on your table.

A Letter Opener in a fancy wood case. These are 8 1/2 by 3' in size and 3/4' thick. The case is Bubinga wood and the llama, insert, and opener are Paduak wood. These make a great gift or they could be used as a show trophy. For a trophy the llama on the case would be moved up a little and a classy plate put below. $80

Here is a pair of llama inlay cutting/cheese boards. The triangle one is quarter sawed white oak with Leopard Wood as the llama inlay and was made to be a cheese board. The rectangle one is red oak with a black walnut llama inlay. This one is intended to be a cutting board but could also be a cheese board. The are both triple oiled with lemon oil and are food safe and washable.
Small - $45; Large - $50

Llama Oak Mail Holder - $40

I Love My Llama Kleenex Box Cover - $45

Contemporary Llama Wall Plaque - $40

Llama Walnut Tissue Box Cover- $45


Llama Letter Opener
Bubinga Wood

These cute llama bookends are what every bold boho home needs. Article by Refinery29. Fall Apartment Decor Apartment Makeover Small Apartment Decorating Home Decor Accessories Decorative Accessories Happy City Photoshop Pics Art Object Cool Things To Buy. Designed & hand-crafted in Italy, these bookends with a with a light blue wooden base and a white llama design will bring colour and imagination to your child's bedroom. Creatively constructed from wood and a layered fabric, the vibrant llama design is stunning.

Hand-carved and finished in Peru, these solid wood bookends will add a pair of guard llamas to your bookcase. Peruvian Llama Bookends CR095 $38.50. Llama Bookends 9E1170B20C Free online jigsaw puzzles, thousands of pictures and puzzle cuts.

Availability ETA 06/15/2021

Add personality and character to any bookshelf or desk with these book ends, featuring quilted llama designs and glitter details. Complements well with coordinating styles for a cohesive collection. Contains bottom rubber feet to hold in place on any surface.

Material:Wood, Glitter

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Diy Llama Bookends

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