Landmark Twitch

Landmark is an online social building game where you can create anything you can imagine. Powered by the ForgeLight Engine, Landmark features cutting edge technology and tools. For more, visit Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world.

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Landmark Twitch

LVNDMARK is a Twitch star who usually streams Escape From Tarkov. He first started streaming on Twitch in early April 2019. He loves playing FPS games and listen to metal. Recently, the news of LVNDMARK being banned was all over Reddit. Moreover, the fans even said that he was being falsely accused and banned due to a bad stat-based detection system.

His channel saw noteworthy growth during the Covid-19 lockdown. His Twitch followers went from 30,000 on March 24, 2020, to over 180,000 followers by June 2020. With consistent high kill-counts, LVNDMARK made a name for himself as one of the top-ranked EFT streamers.

Quick Facts:

ProfessionTwitch Star

Landmark Twitch Streamer

10 Fun Facts About LVNDMARK

Landmark Twitch Guns

  1. LVNDMARK is his gaming tag name. His real name is Tony.
  2. Tony or LVNDMARK was born in the year 1995. That makes his current age 25 as of 2020.
  3. LVNDMARK earns around $58,000 per month from Twitch alone. This income excludes income that he receives from promotions, sponsorships, advertisements, and donations. He hasn’t revealed his net worth to the public yet.
  4. The Twitch star’s Twitter bio is ‘Gun lover, Gamer, and Twitch Partner’. He joined in December 2019 and has 24.1k followers on it.
  5. LVNDMARK’s first post on Instagram was on December 22. 2019. He has 20.3k followers on it and has 25 posts as of December 2020.
  6. He is a private person and doesn’t reveal private details about his life. He also owns a business and is self-employed. He also has a merch store where he sells t-shirt, caps, and hoodies.
  7. LVNDMARK has not revealed anything about his girlfriend or relationship status to the media yet. He seems to be enjoying his single life.
  8. He joined Youtube on May 30, 2019. He has over 23.7 million views on it and has 115k subscribers as of December 2020.
  9. LVNDMARK has 350k followers on Twitch. His channel is deemed inappropriate for children. Twitch tracker ranked him at 145.
  10. LVNDMARK being banned news was all over Reddit. People said that he was being falsely accused and banned due to a bad stat-based detection system.