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Juan Carlos is the torrent website, and they have the Juan Carlos Stremio Addon. It enables you to stream movies and TV shows directly from the torrent website hassle-free. With the addon, you will be presented with a great deal of free content and has a wide selection of entertainment options. Juan Carlos is an unmistakable torrent source. The eponymous Stremio addon offers bother free torrent streaming. It has a gigantic database of movies and TV shows.

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Stremio is a top-rated and highly rated service when it comes to streaming media content. Over the past couple of years, Stremio has taken the world by storm, and the service has gained resounding one-of-a-kind popularity due to the COVID-19 enforced lockdown. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of Stremio is its easy-to-use interface, which makes it quite simple to navigate even to the most novices of users. So you can use it without hesitation due to its ease of use.

If you are aware of Kodi, then you will find Stremio easy to understand as well. However, one significant advantage of Stremio is that there is no complicated Stremio add-on to install, quite unlike Kodi. You can also save space since Stremio allows you to configure local directory and download/store files. However, it is essential to understand that before you start streaming using Stremio or Kodi, you need a VPN service to hide all your internet activity from the ISPs and government agencies' prying eyes.

The top Stremio addons for 2020 and VPN tips to keep in mind for seamless entertainment

Here is a list of all the essential Stremio addons for 2020 and you need to know about before you begin, it can help you view your favourite shows. Let us have a look.

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a top-rated torrent file repository site. This site houses thousands upon thousands of movies, teleseries, documentaries, and music torrent files. However, downloading pirated content is illegal. Therefore, Stremio offers you the ability to stream content directly from the torrent repositories without downloading it. When searching for the Pirate Bay addon, keep in mind that there are two different versions available, the TPB+ and the PirateBay addon. Both works perfectly fine and all you need to do is download the executable file and click on the install button and you are set.

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Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos, as well as version 2, is the best torrenting source to use when you are on Stremio. If you are looking to enjoy content and stream hassle-free, then you need Juan Carlos right now. However, as long as you plan to use a torrenting platform, you would do well to use the best free VPN for torrenting to hide your internet activities. Juan Carlos allows you to stream from multiple sources, and according to our experts, it is one of the easiest add-ons to install and operate.


Netizens know all about RARBG and the platform need to introduction. Without a doubt, this is the platform to find every kind of movie, TV series, documentaries, and music files. The Stremio RARBG addon is one of a variety because it allows you to stream every content from the RARBG site. You can pull multiple links, and you can select the ideal resolution according to your screen size and device specifications. This makes Stremio RARBG addon the perfect tool as a part of the modern-day entertainment package.

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Popcorn Time

There are several other online repositories on the torrenting topic, including the EZTV and the YTS platform. Any torrent user will tell you that the trick to finding even the most underrated of files is to be thorough on the internet, which means searching multiple online torrent hosting sites. The Popcorn Time is an addon that allows you to stream content from EZTV and YTS without downloading any file from the internet. With a couple of torrenting addons for Stremio, your entertainment options are virtually limitless.


Welcome to the world of content aggregators and Zoogle is just that. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment options, keep in mind that Zoogle might be the place you haven't looked in. The site hosts high-quality links for the majority of the files and allows you to pull content from several websites, including Mega, YTS, RARBG, and EZTV. Another feather in the cap of Zoogle is the Youtube content library that makes the addon extremely unique in terms of features.

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Open Videos

With Open Videos, the top feature is the reliability of the addon. This is a one-of-a-kind addon in the sense that here you can pull on-demand movies and TV shows. Yes, it is not really intuitive how Juan Carlos is set-up, but there are plenty of bells and whistles that allow you to stream movies and TV shows with your favorite resolution scheme.


Yes, there is a dedicated Netflix addon for Stremio; life is lovely, isn't it? It is natural that the Netflix addon is one of the more popular ones on the list. With this addon, you can have the entire Netflix repository at your home theatre, laptop, or even android device. However, this is a third-party, open-sourced application, and therefore you will need internet connectivity to keep the platform updated from time to time. This add-on will also redirect you to the Netflix streaming site, so you will need to have an account to stream content from the site.


Quite similar to Netflix, YouTube has an official Stremio add-on as well, and it comes pre-installed with the application. If you are on Stremio, the official YouTube addon will allow you to stream content from the platform without switching devices from an entertainment device with web browsing capabilities. However, this application has limitations as you cannot log-in to your account, which means you cannot scroll through your subscribed channels or the 'liked' videos. Despite the limitations, the YouTube add-on is quite popular, and there are many takers simply because of the added functionalities.

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Stremio is a one-of-a-kind entertainment platform and is truly the most wonderful way of indulging in the modern-day entertainment options. However, to extract the true potential of Stremio, you will need the right add-ons as well. This will allow you to stream and watch all the content you desire. As intermittent lockdowns continue worldwide, Stremio add-ons will allow you to get rid of boredom better than anything out there. So, when are you getting started with your Stremio build and add-ons?

Posted by Mahipal Nehra Posted at 25 Aug, 2020 Web

Today I am going to go through the top 10 Stremio addons for 2020, compatible with most platforms. If you’re not already familiar with Stremio it is media service similar to Kodi and you can easily find and watch free content on the platform. Check out some of our earlier guides to get started if this is your first exposure to Stremio:

First, I’ll walk you through the simple procedure to install the best Stremio add-ons. Before installing any of these add-ons, please make sure to secure your privacy by installing the best VPN service for streaming apps in 2020. Stremio addons like many of the best Kodi addons use torrents as sources so anonymous streaming becomes highly significant.

Steps to Install the Best Stremio Addons in 2020

The steps to install the best Stremio Addons are almost the same across all devices. However, the screenshots in this post are taken from Amazon FireStick.

1. Signup with Stremio

If you don’t have a Stremio account, you simply need to go through the simple signup process using your email id.

2. Go to Add-ons

Juan Carlos Stremio

On the top left corner, you see a 3-line icon (hamburger menu). Clicking it will let you scroll down the dropdown menu. Select Add-ons from the available options.

3. Select Add-on Category

You’ll have two major add-on categories defined as Official and All. Select the first option, All.

4. Select Filters

Now you can select filters to further customize your priorities, depending on the type of content you want to stream via Stremio add-ons.

5. Return to Official Add-ons

After selecting the filter from All add-ons, go back to select Official add-ons

6. Select Community

Now you’ll have 3 options, and you need to click on Community

7. Install the Best Stremio Add-ons

Unlike Kodi, with Stremio, you don’t have to install zip files from other sources. You simply get the list of add-ons from community developers. Select the install button next to the add-on you like to install and the button will turn the Green which indicates that the add-on is now active on your Stremio account.

Best VPN for Stremio in 2020

Stremio Add-ons are mostly known for streaming content from torrent sources. Yes, there are some official add-ons but the content is limited on these add-ons. Community and third-party add-ons let you stream much more than what you find with the official Stremio add-ons. Before you install the best Stremio add-ons it is important to protect your identity. A Virtual Private Network is the right way to proceed. Make sure to avoid free VPN services because they don’t protect your personal information. On top of that, free VPNs have limitations on data usage.

Juan Carlos Stremio Ios

Shellfire VPN is the best VPN for Stremio Addons in 2020. You can also rely on this premium service if you stream regularly using Kodi, Plex, or other streaming platforms. Shellfire VPNoffers a free trial so that you can make sure everything works as promised. The privacy policy of Shellfire VPN strictly forbids saving any data log of the user’s online activities. Your ISPs can’t track your browsing history. Government agencies can’t monitor your online activities if you have a reliable VPN service running on the device.

There are hackers mostly known for their malicious activities on the public WiFi networks. Shellfire VPN protects your device and data from hackers because it uses an effective encryption algorithm to encode every bit of data traveling through the network.

Some premium content is blocked in different regions. For instance, the latest movies, episodes, and streaming apps such as Netflix. You can unblock these restrictions with the help of Shellfire VPN because it has its servers around the world.

Juan Carlos Stremio

10 Best Stremio Addons in 2020

Here is my list of the top 10 Stremio Addons in 2020. Beware that this list includes both third-party and official Stremio add-ons.

10. Netflix

To access Netflix content through Netflix Stremio add-on, you need to have a Netflix account. It is a third-party add-on but you can’t watch anything without subscribing to Netflix.

This add-on, upon selecting a Netflix title, redirects you to Netflix. The purpose of mentioning Netflix add-on in my list of the 10 best Stremio add-ons in 2020, is that it lets you check the number of titles available for streaming on Netflix.

9. Ex Stremio Add-on

Though you can’t find the latest titles on this add-on, it lets you stream some exceptional classic titles. Most of these titles come from the public domain and as such are copyright free. This is the most suitable add-on for the lovers of classic TV shows and movies.

8. OpenSubtitles

This is an official Stremio add-on. OpenSubtitles lets you watch TV Shows and Movies with subtitles. The brand is already known for the provision of subtitles for an extensive range of media. It lets you fully enjoy TV shows and movies from different regions by avoiding the language barrier.

Juan Carlos 2

7. Open Videos

No doubt that RARBG and Juan Carlos are way better than Open Videos Stremio add-on but still I’ve added it to the list because it lets you stream on-demand videos. You can access TV shows and movies in 1080p, 720p, and SD quality.

6. YouTube

YouTube is also an official Stremio add-on. It lets you explore YouTube on Stremio. You can stream web shows, movie trailers, funny stuff, viral videos, and everything available on YouTube, except YouTube TV channels, by using this add-on.

But don’t forget that YouTube Stremio add-on doesn’t let you use your YouTube account so don’t expect watchlist and subscriptions of your account to be displayed on this add-on.

5. Popcorn Time

For all YTS and EZTV fans, Popcorn Time Stremio add-on is a treasure. You can access the torrent library of YTS and EZTV with the help of Popcorn Time add-on. It lets you stream movies, documentaries, and TV shows without having to download torrent files.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle uses torrent trackers to fetch streaming links from RARBG, YTS, and Mega Torrents, and more. If you love on-demand episodes and movies then Zooqle is the add-on you need to try.


For its extensive content library, RARBG stands out among the best Stremio addons for 2020. You can access TV Series and Movies with the excellent video quality. RARBG add-on uses links to torrent servers and can choose between 1080p and SD video quality, but there are some 4K streams available as well.

2. Juan Carlos 2

On Stremio, you will find multiple add-ons named Juan Carlos. The one I am listing here is Juan Carlos 2. This add-on serves you with a comprehensive list of movies and TV shows collected from torrent servers. Juan Carlos 2 is quick to update new content and this is what makes this a highly recommend Stremio addon in 2020.

1. The Pirate Bay Plus (TPB+)

The name itself talks louder. One of the largest torrent databases is there to let you stream movies and episodes via TPB+ Stremio add-on. Remember, there is ThePirateBay add-on as well but it comes from a different third-party developer. I recommend using ThePirateBay Plus (TPB+) for high-quality streaming.


Juan Carlos Stremio Addon Download

Most of the top 10 Stremio Addons in 2020 use torrent servers to stream media content. It could be tricky in some regions strictly concerned with copyright violations. It will be better to stream safely and anonymously by installing a VPN like Shellfire VPN for streaming apps.