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In picture books, James ’ tastes run the gamut. He appreciates a good laugh, and is always looking for humorous books in the vein of Ame Dyckman or Tammi Sauer. A recent favorite is The Big Bed by Bunmi Laditan and Tom Knight. Initially created as the main character in a series of spy novels by Ian Fleming, James Bond has become an international spy thriller franchise comprised of movies, books, and video games. During his life, Fleming wrote a dozen Bond books, but James Bond would go. $1 One Dollar Bill Note - Fancy Serial James Bond 007 Sweet. $5.99 0 bids + $1.00 shipping. 2009 $1 (ONE DOLLAR) – NOTE, BILL - FANCY SERIAL NUMBER – BOOKENDS “701 28 701”.

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This is a fantastic collage for the ultimate James Bond fan. It features signatures from all six men who played James Bond in film. Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig, and Pierce Brosnan each have a unique photograph of them playing the famous fictional spy with their autograph. George Lazenby completes the collage with his golden autograph on a toy gun at the center. A descriptive plaque is included in the frame naming each actor and giving a brief explanation of the James Bond series.

BookendsJames bond bookends

Imagined by Ian Fleming in 1953, James Bond is a fictional British spy who works for MI6. Overall, Fleming wrote two short stories and twelve novels featuring the memorable spy. However, Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy were published posthumously. Bond’s character was based off a number of men Fleming had met during his time in the British Naval Intelligence Division and the 30 Assault Unit. Interestingly, Fleming had originally imagined Bond as a relatively boring but handsome man rather than the clever, mysterious agent we are well acquainted with today. Even the name, James Bond, was chosen after an ornithologist Fleming was familiar with because it was one of the most uninteresting names he could think of. As the character developed and the novels gained wild popularity, the film industry soon got involved.

Each actor to play James Bond on the big screen has an autograph in this collage. The first and arguably most known Bond actor was Sean Connery. He featured in six separate Bond films and even had the most lasting impact on the character. While he was still writing his last few books, Fleming gained inspiration from Connery’s portrayal of the secret agent and gave Bond Scottish heritage as well as a sense of humor. Lazenby played James Bond in only a single film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Roger Moore left his mark after portraying Bond in seven films. Timothy Dalton starred in two films while Pierce Brosnan featured in four separate movies. The most recent stoic Bond actor is Daniel Craig who has played Bond in five films to date.


James bond bookends

Overall very good condition. The photographs are all still bright with dark, neat signatures. The toy gun has no apparent damage and its gold autograph is clear. The explanatory plaque at the bottom is untarnished and legible. The collage is matted and framed in a sleek, sophisticated archival frame.

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Framed Dimensions: 32.5' H x 42.5' W x 3' D

James Bond Bookends Pictures

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