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Imjasmine is an IRL meaning In-Real life, twitch streamer. She live-streams everything she does and documents wherever she is for her audience.

She has found a fair amount of success doing what she likes as she has gained over 121k followers on her twitch channel. After gaining success on Twitch, Imjasime has also seen a rise in views on her YouTube channel.

However, IRL streaming has its negative as Imjasime has been the subject of harassment by perverts during her trip to Japan. She went through two such incidents with one occurring during her live stream itself.

Realimjasmine Instagram

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10 Facts about Imjasmine

Imjasmine Instagram

  1. Imjasmine is a 25-year-old twitch streamer. However, there is no information available about her date of birth as the streamer has kept that information to herself.
  2. Her channel imjasime is a very quickly growing IRL stream channel. She has over 121k followers and she averages over 2k viewers per stream.
  3. She is very active on Instagram, her account @realimjasmine has over 25k followers, 964 followings with 41 posts with her most recent post on 15 December.
  4. Even though she streams most of her whole day, she has maintained to keep her personal life to herself and hasn’t revealed much information to her viewers. As a result, there is no information about if she has a boyfriend or not.
  5. There is no information available about her height or weight measurements but from her streams, she looks tall but her actual height has not been given to the public.
  6. Imjasmine was born and brought up in Toronto, Canada and she is of Vietnamese ethnicity. She is currently in Tokyo, Japan, and wants to travel to Hiroshima next.
  7. As reported by Sportskeeda, During her stream in September 2020, she was walking on the streets of Tokyo while a man approached her and tried to speak to her. It was only a few moments after that the man inappropriately touched her.
  8. She had spoken about being stalked while in Japan in one of her other streams in September 2020.
  9. Imjasmine’s YouTube channel has over 4.5k subscribers with over 99k views in total.
  10. She is currently still in Tokyo as of December 16, 2020.