Hp Reverb X Plane 11


Hp Reverb X Plane 11

X-Plane 11.53 fixes an issue with HP Reverb G2 VR controllers not being usable, however you may encounter additional problems with this hardware.

Controller not found, or controllers swapped

Hp Reverb G2 X Plane 11

LINK: For the best experience, first, follow the Oculus to Reverb Setup. This will ensure you have all of the necessary software to run the Reverb in DCS/FS20 for a First Time User or Oculus transfer; Then, come back here and follow the initial setups for the device; It is a requirement that you tune your Rig and OS for VR. The HP Reverb G2 VR head-mounted display is a significant upgrade over the first Reverb, and it's also coming with redesigned motion controllers. Here's what you need to know.

If you experience a missing controller, or the left & right controllers are swapped, this is due to unreliable information being provided from SteamVR to X-Plane.

Here are steps that can work around these issues:

  1. Start Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR first.
  2. Turn on the right first, then the left controller.
  3. If the left controller is not displayed in SteamVR, shut it down and turn off the controllers.
  4. Restart SteamVR, then the right and left controllers.
  5. At that point both controllers should be displayed in SteamVR.
  6. Start X-Plane and enable VR if necessary (if VR was enabled last time, it should already be active).
  7. Now you can use VR and your VR controllers as usual.

Misaligned controllers and laser

Hp Reverb X Plane 11

If your controllers and the laser pointer are not aligned within X-Plane, use a command line argument to adjust this:

We recommend starting with -30, then adjusting if that doesn’t resolve it. Instructions on using the command line with X-Plane here.

Non-functioning controllers

If you are prompted to calibrate devices, you may end up with non-functioning controllers. Use the button to “Reset to defaults for…” to restore the controller mapping & recalibrate.

Non-functioning buttons

Hp Reverb X Plane 11

If you are unable to assign buttons in X-Plane (such as the Y and B button), Steam may have defaulted to them being unused. You will need to map them in SteamVR first in order to access them in X-Plane.

Virtual controllers don’t match the real controllers

This is a design limitation of using a generic VR controller model inside X-Plane.