Heavy Goods Courier

Heavy Goods Courier

Reliable heavy and large item courier services Let AnyVan lighten your load with reliable and affordable heavy and large courier services. No matter what you need to move, we have the expertise and equipment to move it at an affordable price. Whether you need a heavy goods courier to post important product shipments abroad, send heavy parcels to a customer or are completing a large order here in the UK, TNT Direct can send large and heavy parcels securely and safely. Whatever you are moving, Shiply can help you find a cheap and reliable courier for large items, bulky furniture or big heavy goods. Delivery costs on Shiply are typically up to 75% lower than standard delivery rates. Shiply has thousands of registered delivery companies waiting to send you quotes.

For packages that weigh over 70 lbs. (31.5 kgs), it is important to evaluate your packaging materials to ensure that they are adequate for heavier package contents. Use these guidelines to pack your heavy package safely and securely:

Heavy Goods Courier

  • Boxes must be strongly constructed, preferably with seams that are stitched or stapled, not merely glued. Weight limits printed on the Box Maker's Certificate (found on the bottom flaps of most boxes) are intended for palletized freight shipments, not for shipments through small parcel carrier environments. Following the UPS Box Strength Guidelines will help ensure your package is of adequate strength to provide sufficient protection.
  • Use new boxes that are at their full strength and that have not been compromised by humidity or the wear and tear of previous use.
  • Seal your box with heavy-duty tape (preferably reinforced), by applying three strips to both the top and bottom of the box, so that the middle seam and the two edge seams are sealed.
  • Use only dense cushioning material to protect your heavy package contents. Expanded Polystyrene Peanuts and crumpled paper won't protect your shipment effectively because both materials crush and shift under heavy loads. Customized corrugated board or engineered foam enclosures are more effective and reinforce the rigidity of the outer box.
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We serve as proud ambassadors for our clients, providing best-in-class heavy goods home delivery services that set your business apart.

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As national logistics experts specializing in last mile home delivery, we do the heavy lifting so you can provide the best home delivery experience for your customers and streamline your delivery operations.

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At Custom Delivery Solutions, we understand that the brand experience extends beyond each sale.
That’s why each delivery is supported by real-time customer feedback, with the goal of exceeding your customer’s expectations at every touch point.

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Heavy Goods Courier Service

Our network of delivery partners and strategically located home delivery centers enable us to fulfill all your delivery commitments throughout Canada.

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Our clients are able to streamline and optimize their delivery operations thanks to our proven expertise and technology-driven processes.
We offer simple, reliable and impactful heavy goods delivery solutions that make their mark.

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Our commitment to caring for the planet manifest​s​​​​​ through significant recycling ​initiatives, populating our fleet with idle zero-emission vehicles,​ and route optimization to minimize the distance between deliveries. We also help our delivery partner​s​ switch to all-electric vehicle​s, ​thanks to an innovative acquisition program.

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Frigo Climat program partner for optimum old refrigerator recycling and halocarbons emission elimination.

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