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  • Teltonika FMB920

    Teltonika FMB920 is compact and smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated backup battery. FMB920 is designed for light vehicles tracking in applications like insurance telematics, rental cars, recovery of stolen cars, public safety services, delivery transport, taxi and much more. Inputs/outputs extend device usage scenarios. Digital input can be used for ignition, door or alarm button status monitoring. Vehicle remote immobilizing may be achieved using FMB920 digital output.

    ₹ 4,250.00
  • Teltonika FMB010

    FMB010 is easy OBDII Plug and Play tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. FMB010 is perfectly suitable for light vehicle tracking in applications like courier delivery service, car rental & leasing (Car GPS), insurance telematics and many other where simple integration is a must. This device supports temperature/humidity sensors, hands-free, firmware and configuration update via Bluetooth.

    ₹ 5,650.00
    ₹ 6,150.00
  • Teltonika FMB208

    FMB208 is a waterproof tracker with gyroscope and IRNSS support for Indian compliance market. Teltonika designed a SPECIAL tracker to fulfil the requirements of AIS140 regulation and deliver additional value for GPS telematics solution providers by high-end features. FMB208 is ARAI certified AIS140 tracker with IRNSS and GPS, meeting requirements of GAGAN support, 2 servers functionality, internal battery, accelerometer and gyroscope, Embedded SIM, tamper-proof (IP67 rating) and powerful WEB FOTA to fulfil firmware updates requirement.

    ₹ 7,550.00
  • Teltonika TMT250

    TMT250 is new autonomous mini tracker with GNSS, GSM, Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof case which ensures outside usage in harsh conditions, moreover large battery‘s capacity expands application range where long battery lifetime is needed. Peptrack mini personal tracker is designed for people (kids, students, women, elderly people, employees), pets (cow, dog, cat), car monitoring, sport events and more! This competent GPS tracking device keeps your loved ones as well as valuables safe!

    ₹ 5,850.00
    ₹ 6,350.00
  • Teltonika FMB120

    FMB120 small and professional tracker with internal high gain GSM and GNSS antennas, which is able to collect device coordinates and other useful data and transfer them via GSM network to server. This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed: fleet management, car rental companies (Taxi Caxi GPS), taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, personal cars and so on. FMB120 can perform tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring engine status, controlling truck’s door etc.

    ₹ 4,700.00
  • Remote Relay Switch

    The 5 pin relay switch is used to remotely disable the ignition or to cut off oil power system or to activate car alarm sound or lights from any location using your phone or computer. A relay is essentially a switch that is operated electrically and remotely rather than mechanically.

    ₹ 250.00
    ₹ 300.00
  • Panic Button

    Panic button which can be pressed in case of any emergency and a notification would be directly sent to the government authorities who would be able to take immediate action. The devices are certified as per Automotive Industry Standard (AIS 140) by ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology). * Image is for representation purpose only.

    ₹ 500.00
  • Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor

    Perfect monitoring solution for wide use in the cold chain logistics, freezers, refrigerators and other temperature sensitive cases. Sensor uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology to get data from long distance, it can work from internal battery up to 300 days! Collected temperature and humidity information of the surrounding environment is transfered to FMB device which has possibility to support up to four temperature sensors at the same time!

    ₹ 2,500.00
    ₹ 2,800.00
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