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Gigi are a strange species of bird that lays eggs filled with bullets.

Gigi fly towards the player, occasionally spitting an egg that releases a swarm of bullets towards the player. These bullets twitch about as they move, which tends to become more dramatic the further they travel, so caution is advised when fighting Gigi at long range (especially in narrow passages). If using Blasphemy, the egg can be destroyed before it releases bullets, making the Gigi much less of a threat.

Gigi twitch streamer

Gigi Twitch Streamer

Let's have fun and enjoy a healthy and welcoming gaming space for everyone! Stay healthy, keep Improving and let's be kind to one another! Pokelawls has been dating his girlfriend Gigi —a fellow Twitch streamer—since 2019. The pair do regular collaborations and often feature in each other’s streams and Twitter feeds. In a live stream in 2020, fans noticed that Poke accidentally used Gigi’s real name.

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229 likes 37 talking about this. Funny, silly, boujee, but definitely funny! Follow me as well on YouTube: Gigibunny972 Twitch: If you see me. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Gigi twitch

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  • The way Gigi lay eggs out of their mouths bears resemblance to how Gatling Gull shoots missiles out of his mouth.
  • The name and behavior of Gigi may be a reference to Pipis from Mega Man 2—a robotic bird that flies overhead and drops the egg it carries, which then hatches into many smaller birds that fly towards the player.

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Gigi Twitch Instagram


Gigi Twitch Instagram

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