Geeky Bookends

I’m weak! I always said I wouldn’t, but now I have and I feel ashamed. Don’t worry, what I am talking about is E-Books. I always said that I would never get an E-Book and that actual paper books were the right choice for me. Well, today I downloaded a book that I wanted to read from the Google Ebookstore. Is this the end of my paper book days? Well maybe for a while anyway so I will put my real books up on the bookshelf for retirement, but wait a minute…I have an open-ended bookshelf and no bookends! Seems I need a set of these…

  1. Nerd Bookends
  2. Nerd Bookends
  • The great thing about clever bookends is that they turn the awkward collection of books on the shelf into a talking point. Geeky bookends transform a pile of books from clutter to art.
  • Did you scroll all this way to get facts about geek bookends? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 224 geek bookends for sale on Etsy, and they cost $26.17 on average. The most common geek bookends material is ceramic. The most popular color? You guessed it: black.

This fanart portal bookends will make your geeky friend ecstatic. They will be lost for words nonetheless. Looking for a gift for a geek? You can never go wrong with this portal bookends fanart edition. It's perfect for their novels and comic book collections. Check Price on Ready for shipping.

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These nerdy ‘YOLO’ (you only live once) bookends are kind of cool and look great, but I feel the more books you place between them, the more the yolo idea would be lost.

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This might not look nerdy but by clicking on the image link you will see that it definitely is with other metal artwork bookends such as the word geek, nerd and REDRUM they are definitely nerdy and definitely well worth looking at.

Nerd Bookends

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With a minimalist look, these bracket bookends could make your books nice any tidily arranged on the shelf. I have to say that I kind of like these!


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These amazing hefty dire wolves should be enough to keep any amount of hardback books in check and if you are a bit of a fan of the show these might well be the perfect present for any Game of Thrones fan. Although it does have to say that they are a little expensive.

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If like me you are a bit of a fan of the zombie style tv show The Walking Dead then you might well find these zombie’s hands bookends as good as I do, and I find them EPIC!

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Simple but yet deadly effective is exactly how I describe these magnetic arrow book holders. Bringing a little touch of magic to an otherwise boring bookshelf they are sure to make a great talking point in any home.

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For fans of the book or the films, these are not only a good gift idea, but they are also a GREAT idea, the amazing detail and creative design make these a must own, the only thing that might go against it is that it’s rather expensive.

Geeky BookendsGeeky

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Believe it or not, that you are looking at is in fact bricks! Yes the same things they use to hold a house up can now do the same for your books, because these special order, made to requirement books are a pure joy to look at and while I couldn’t find any set prices it seems you just have to contact the seller via their Facebook page in the link.

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Do you have great collections of nerdy kung-fu books? Then these Katana blade sword bookends might well be the right choice for you. I have never read any kung-fu books, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting these for my own bookshelf!

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For a nerd like me, it just doesn’t get much better than these portal 2 inspired bookends. I am sure they were fully tested in Aperture Labs, and shiny aluminium finish they look amazing and would make any bookcase look amazing.

J. K. Rowling introduced us to the magical world of Hogwarts with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Now you can bring the magic home with these decorative Harry Potter bookends designed to look like Platform 9 3/4. One side of the bookends features Harry Potter himself pushing his luggage through the platform, while the other side shows Hedwig, along with the rest of the luggage, ready to get on the train and enjoy another year of wild adventures. Everyone knows that getting the letter of admission to Hogwarts is just the beginning of the journey to becoming a wizard or witch. Aspiring students must board the Hogwarts Express, which arrives at Platform 9 3/4.

Nerd Bookends

The replica of the magical platform is all hand-painted. Every individual bookend is unique and has some slight variations that come with painting everything by hand. The bookends are shipped in a branded gift box and would be an excellent gift for the Potterhead in your life. Use them to keep your books or DVDs in place with some help from the magical world of Harry Potter. Let a little magic into your house – and décor – with these wonderful Harry Potter bookends. Check price on Amazon!