fossabot fossabot @fossas Dependency Heavenhttps://fossa.comYour friendly neighborhood FOSSA bot. Opens PRs to add a @fossas scan status to your README. Also opens PRs to remediate vulnerabilities in your dependencies.

Fossabot / SpaceEye forked from KYDronePilot/SpaceEye. Notifications Star 0 Fork 12 Live satellite imagery for your desktop background. Karuzo1g streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community.

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  • Twitch profile Bot type Fossabot Correct. This is an independent site not run by Twitch. Known bots; Types; API; About.
  • Fossabot: ID: 237719657: Level: Moderator (500) Points: 11616 (Rank 111518) Messages sent: 2951559 (Rank 1) Last seen.
  • Fossabot is a Twitch chat bot that has all the features you need to create the ultimate chat experience for yourself and your audience. Built by the community, for the community.

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taku_eof's GNU Emacs configuration files.

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Repository for default community health files

fossabot/01-java-notification-service 0

A service capable of sending notifications. It exposes a REST interface for interaction.

fossabot/02-java-file-service 0

A simple file service that can save files in local repository and exposes a REST api for that.

user viewpoint

fork hartley94ad/WebAuth

fork in 5 days

fork hartley94ad/luaserbot

WhatsApp bot ofc 😛

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fork akuhantu/Rest-API-Python

Rest API Simpel Menggunakan Python dan Flask

fork in 5 days

fork dqanshi/AzusaBot

WhatsApp chatbot is a software program which runs on encrypted WhatsApp platform. WhatsApp users can communicate with a chatbot through the chat interface as they would talk to a real person

fork in 12 days

fork hartley94ad/react-native-radio-player

A React Native Module capable of playing Internet Radio Streams


fork in 12 days

fork hartley94ad/AWS_Infrastructure_Terraform


A sample Terraform document to bootstrap a VPC with Private, public subnets. Nat Server configured for natting data from private subnet through public Subnet using a load balancer.


fork in 12 days


started time in 13 days

fork jae637/ssafy-second-semester-webmobile-final

🔐 For doing team project in the second semester of SSAFY 📝


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started time in 15 days


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Fossabot Myth

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fork crimekga007/wav1

fork in 18 days

fork kravivar/mocha-swagger

Generate swagger spec from mocha test files

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fork nikitinss/PatchApk

An Apk Modding Framework For Termux

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Fossabot Mixer


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Fossabot watchtime

Fossabot Docs


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How To Set Up Fossabot

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