Ecommerce Catalog Management


Why is e-commerce catalog management important? Nowadays, both B2C and B2B customers are well accustomed to searching for product information and shopping online. Therefore, your business needs to have a well-managed online product catalog to meet these customer behaviors, ensure your products are found and accessible online, and stay competitive. Across vendors, sites/geographies, apps/channels, catalogs, stores, and more, our PIM solution can manage everything from tens of thousands of stores from a single catalog with hierarchical data management to Marketplace scenarios with hundreds of catalogs on a single site. Catalog management is trending toward cloud-based solutions for several reasons. Cloud-based software lowers costs and requires less IT infrastructure on the merchant’s end. This software also tends to have scalable features. 5 Excellent Catalog Management Solutions. There are many options available for improving ecommerce catalog management. Multiple Channels. Multichannel selling is an opportunity that the new age eCommerce stores have.

Your customers expect consistent product information from you. They appreciate rich images that will help them visualize your products clearly. They want to be able to browse various product categories on your website as efficiently as possible. Without ecommerce catalog management, your product database is bound to deteriorate and hamper your business eventually.


With Trupp Global’s catalog management services, it doesn’t have to it be so. We ensure correctly attributed data of top-notch quality ready for customer consumption. Our team updates your online store(s) in a seamless and organized manner as and when required, even regularly.

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Surveys reveal that 30% of adult online shoppers would consider purchasing from an online retailer they have never shopped with previously, if the retailer provided detailed product information. That means, an easily searchable site with up-to-date information and appealing product visuals, will not only attract repeat customers but also increase the possibility of converting first-time visitors into loyal customers.