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  1. Published 5/11/2011. Krita 2.3 is still part of KOffice. Some Linux distributions still package that version. Krita 2.4 has not been released yet. Beta packages are available for many Linux distributions as well as for Windows.
  2. Krita is a professional free and open source painting program. This is a beta release of Krita. That means it's not suitable for real work yet. Since the interface is optimized for big screen.

Draw on one side of a mirror line while the Mirror Tool copies the results to the other side. The Mirror Tools are accessed along the toolbar. You can move the location of the mirror line by grabbing the handle.

Kira Drawing Program

Krita: Best multipurpose drawing app for Galaxy Tab users Krita is the only Galaxy app on this list that’s primarily aimed at tablet users. The open-source nature of the original software coupled with the MacGyver-like circumstances in which it ended up being ported to Android mean you’ll need a pretty powerful device with a lot of screen. Krita Basics by Phil Waclawski. For a lot of the digital painting beginners, when it comes to Krita. A lot of graphic designers are opting for Photoshop because of its vast outlines that allow for editing photos, drawing digital arts, and so on. The Krita software, on the other hand, is solely used for the creation of arts from scratch which could mean more concentration on the tools used in Krita arts than Photoshop.

Mirror Tools give a similar result to the Multibrush Tool, but unlike the Multibrush which only traces brush strokes like the Freehand Brush Tool, the Mirror Tools can be used with any other tool that traces strokes, such as the Straight Line Tool and the Bezier Curve Tool, and even with the Multibrush Tool.

Horizontal Mirror Tool - Mirror theresults along the horizontal axis.

Vertical Mirror Tool - Mirror theresults along the vertical axis.

There are additional options for each tool. You can access these by theclicking the drop-down arrow located on the right of each tool.

  • Hide Mirror X/Y Line (toggle) – Locks the mirror axis and hides the axis line.

  • Lock X/Y Line (toggle) - hides the move icon on the axis line.

  • Move to Canvas Center X/Y - Moves the axis line to the center of the canvas.

Krita Animation Free Download

Mirroring along a rotated line¶

The Mirror Tool can only mirror along a perfectly vertical or horizontalline. To mirror along a line that is at a rotated angle, use theMultibrush Tool and its variousparameters, it has more advanced options besides basic symmetry.


Three months after the release of Krita 4.2.9, we’ve got a major new feature release for you: Krita 4.3.0! We’ve spent the past year not just fixing bugs, even though we fixed over a thousand issues, but have also been busy adding cool new stuff to play with.

There’s a whole new set of brush presets that evoke watercolor painting. There’s a color mode in the gradient map filter and a brand new palettize filter and a high pass filter. The scripting API has been extended. It’s now possible to adjust the opacity and lightness on colored brush tips separately. You can now create animated brush tips that select brush along multiple dimensions. We’ve made it possible to put the canvas area in a window of its own, so on a multi monitor setup, you can have all the controls on one monitor, and your images on the other. The color selector has had a big update. There’s a new snapshot docker that stores states of your image, and you can switch between those. There’s a brand new magnetic selection tool. Gradients can now be painting as spirals.

Kira paint program

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Drawing App Krita
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