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MSPY: When you need a reliable app, you can always turn to MSPY. The app can help connect. Furthermore, it also offers a 10 day money-back guarantee. As such, you can use it to track location and then get your money back, making it one of the best free phone tracker apps. #5: Android Device Manager. Formerly known as Android Device Manager, this is Google’s phone recovery feature. You can also use it to track someone through their. Find My Device makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from the web. Device Tracker is designed for any size business, from one small location to many locations all around the world. And with support for up to 100,000 devices across up to 5,000 sites, Device Tracker expands as you grow, enable tracking of all your devices, everywhere.

A real time GPS Trackers are devices that allow you to track aperson or vehicle in real time. Realtime gps trackers allow youto see where the device is right now with very little lag time.At one time real time units were only used by Private Eyes andOfficers of the Law.

Over the years, real time units have become more affordable andhas enabled the everyday consumer to use the devices. Now youcan track in real time without paying your hard earned money toPrivate Eyes. Now you can be your own Private Eye. This isusually done via the internet, but many real time trackers arecapable of sending the information to a cell phone via smsmessage (text message).

When tracking via the internet you simply go to a website andlog into your account where you can view where the person isright now and also the history of the locations that they havebeen. With modern technology you can access your account via theinternet by simply going to a URL that is provided and loggingin to your account to see where the tracker is right now. AllIphones, Android and blackberries are capable of doing this, butit is not limited to these operating systems.

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Think of a logging device as a sort of 'video recorder' (doesnot actually take video) that records the locations, speedtraveled, time spent at locations and so on. This is a veryuseful device that allows you to see exactly where someone hasbeen. You view this information on your computer via USB port.

The difference between a real time tracker and a passive GPStracker (historical tracking device) is that with thepassive tracker you have to remove the device to see where ithas been by connecting it to computer using a USB port (usually a PC , if you are using a mac check that the device iscompatible with a MAC ). The good thing about a passive trackingdevice is that there is nomonthly fee, making it a more economicalchoice.

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Estimated error margins:
12 meters (max) for Europe and the U.K mobile phones.
12 meters (max) for U.S.A, South America and Canada mobile phones.
18 meters (max) for mobile phones elsewhere.
GSM technology must be enabled in country for system to function.

Mobile cell phone tracking technology, powered by the Mobile Locate satellite network

Using sophisticated GPS GSM satellite tracking this system can locate and pin point any mobile cell phone via map in the world.

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