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Historically, customer service requires countless hours in emailing with customers, trying to explain complicated processes with words and screenshots. Use Descript’s screen recording and video editing features to do your job faster and make your customers happier.

With Descript record or import video, we transcribe it, and then you trim down and rearrange your video the same way you would a document. Remove filler words: Descript detects “um,” “uh”, “like,” “you know”, repeated words, and a dozen other filler words, so you can zap them from your video with a click. In this video, I will show you how to Use Descript for Windows for Automatic Audio Transcription.Descript is a game changer in the automatic transcription sp. Join more than a million pros on the world's most powerful video review and collaboration platform. Quickly share video projects with your team and clients for fast feedback and approval. Descript Transcription is accurate, fast and provides the foundation for the editing workflows that make Descript such a powerful media creation platform. While there are a few ways to generate a transcript for your recordings, this article will focus primarily on Automatic (AI-based) transcription.

TranscriptionDescript transcription

Use it to respond to customer tickets

When you need to explain something to a customer, make a quick personalized screen recording. When you share a Descript video, it comes with an interactive transcript, so customers can watch or read your response. And if they have follow up questions, they can leave comments directly on the transcript.

And because Descript is a fully featured video editor, you can build a library of reusable video templates to cover standard issues, and splice them into your responses with copy and paste.

A free troubleshooting tool for your customers

If your customer is having trouble explaining a problem with words, ask them to explain it with video by sending them a link to Descript. Descript’s screen recorder is free.

Use Descript to create help videos

How To Transcription Words

Finally, Descript is the easiest way to record, edit, and publish videos for your help center. Record voiceover, or use one of our Overdub stock voices.... Then grab screen recordings and drop them exactly where they need to go.

Descript Transcription Software

Descript transcription software

Descript Transcription

When you’re done, you can host your video with Descript, and embed it directly in your Help Center. If you need to update your video as your business evolves, you can republish to the same link.