It means something very long, something like eternal. IndianOrigin.
'Deergha aayu bhava' Means : ' May you have a very longlife'

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In horoscope matching checking for Sthree deergam porutham(SUMANGALI PORUTHAM) is very important. This is more prominent in south India, especially during Tamil marriage. In Hindu society, a women is called “Sumangali” till her husband is alive. A married women in old age with Sumangali status is well respected in society. The Stree Dheerga Porutham mainly focuses on the Sumangali status of the unmarried girl.

Meaning of Sthree Deergam Porutham

If I can decipher the meaning of Stree Dheerga Porutham as below

Eargasmic meaning

Stree – Girl , Dheerga – Blessed forever , Porutham – Match

Twitch Streamer Deergasm

The advantage of Good Sthree Deergam Porutham is long and happy marital life. Sthree Deergam does not related to physical and mental compatibility, but the lifestyle the couple will enjoy after marriage.

How to Calculate Sthree Deergam Porutham for Tamil Marriage

The birth star of the boy must be beyond 9 from the girls birth star. According to some even 7 is acceptable. For example Girl Aswini and boy Hastham. Here we see that Hastham is 13th from Aswini and hence it is acceptable.

When counted from the girls star if the boys star is

  1. Within 9 it is bad
  2. Between 10 to 19 – it is Good
  3. Between 20 to 27 – It is very Good


The logic behind checking Sthree Deergam is that the first 9 stars are within the first 4 houses. First house indicates self. The second house is family. The 3rd house is brother and indicates close blood relationship. Therefore logically speaking it should be beyond the house of mother. Further the boys star from the girls star the better it is considered. According to many scholars Stree-Dirgha also is an indicator of longevity of marriage and general auspiciousness, and is based on the relative position of the two Moon Nakshatras.

Example of Sthree Deergam

Boy – Visakha

Girl – Rohini

Eargasm Meaning

The boys birth star is 13th from girls birth star and therefore, Stree Deergha is said to be present.

Checking for Stree Dheergam Koota is important before marriage and marriage should be considered only if Stree Dheerga Porutham is present.


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