Courier Prices Per Kg

How much DHL charge per kg from China to USA, there are the DHL rates list which how from 0.5KG to 1000KG the DHL courier rates from Shenzhen China to USA by international freight forwarder DHL express account discount price.

  1. Cost Per Kg To Cost Per Lb
  2. Courier Prices Per Kg In Usd
  3. Tungsten Price Per Kg

Dimensional weight in kg per package = Length x Height x Width in cm / 5,000. This dimensional weight calculation for FedEx Express ® services applies to Europe, Middle-East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent export and import shipments. A flat rate applies up to 10 kg and 25 kg for FedEx ® 10kg Box and FedEx ® 25kg Box respectively.

DHL charge per kg from China to USA List
DocumentsFirst 0.5kg18.64
Adding 0.5kg5.30
Small packages
first 0.5kg16.72
more 0.5kg2.71
Big packages
first 0.5kg21.46
more 0.5kg2.80
Big packages
first 0.5kg24.71
more 0.5kg3.29
Big shipment
discount price
(USD / KG)
300KG + 7.64
500KG + 7.64

Up to 20 kg; Worldwide track & trace; Pay with PIN or cash; Expected delivery time within the Netherlands: 1 business day before 12 p.m. The Wadden Islands and the 'Kop of North Holland' area) Note: Is the price for drop off higher than for online and/or by phone? Try if your delivery fits into a smaller box and recalculate your rate. Door-to-door shipment delivery service, with a transportation cost refund guarantee for late deliveries.1 Domestic shipments and pallets with weight over 31.5 kg DHL PARCEL MAX Service designed for shipments over 31.5 kg up to 2,500 kg, including pallets. Ramp to ramp delivery to most towns and cities in Poland on the next.

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Courier Charges From India To Germany

Rs. 280 Per Kg Courier Parcel Charges From India To Germany Rate Applicable for 30Kg Box Door Delivery Duty Free Delivery


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Cost Per Kg To Cost Per Lb

Courier Charges From India To Germany

Weight Priority DeliverySemi Economy Economy Cargo
Up to 0.5 Kg218017001450
1 Kg263020501750
2 Kg308024002050
3 Kg353027502350
4 Kg398031002650
5 Kg443034502950
6 Kg488038003250
7 Kg533041503550
8 Kg578045003850
9 Kg623048504150
10 Kg668052004450
Above 10 Kg Per Kg680500400
Above 20 Kg Per Kg510450350
Above 50 Kg Per Kg480350280
Estimated Time3-4 Working Days5-8 Working Days8-15 Working Days

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Courier Prices Per Kg In Usd

  1. Sweets, Snacks, Homemade Eatables
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  4. Rice, Wheat Atta, Crockery Items
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  6. Masala Pastes, Condiments
  7. All types of HomeMade Food products
  8. Medicines
  9. Handy Crafts, Photo Frames
  10. Furniture, Furnishing Clothes, Woolen Items
  11. Books, Text Books, Note Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Stationary Items
  12. Electronic Goods, Grinders, Mixers, Computer Accessories
  13. HomeAppliances, Utensils, Children Toys
  14. Sarees, Dress Materials, All Types of Garments
  15. Corporate Gifts
  16. All Types of House Hold Goods.
  17. Documents, Important documents
  18. University Application forms

End to End Courier Services For Germany From India

Tungsten Price Per Kg

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