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A very popular technique in portraiture – a catch light is a spark of light in your subject’s eyes. This spark will help you to draw your viewer’s attention to your subject’s eyes, making them full of life and, well, sparkling.



Catch The Lightning

Catch The Light

Catch The Light Painting


Lyrics to 'Catch The Light' on Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! He's the light of the world Let it feel alright Let it feel alright Let it feel alright Shining in the ecstasy Let it feel alright Let it feel alright Let it feel alright Locked inside yourself so long Sometimes it gets so dark So dark you almost fall into the night But He can fill Fill. ‘Her eyes are a piercing shade of light blue; when they catch the light, the effect is truly arresting.’ ‘To play up the effect of the candle light, add some decorative items that will catch the light.’ ‘A heavy frost has left the garden covered in a sparkling layer of white that catches the light.

Catch The Light Svrcina

Nila Mikou has her future figured out. Soon, she might even get up enough nerve to reveal her secret crush. When she’s attacked by creatures out of a twisted fairytale, Nila isn’t so sure. Brought to a mythical land where sunlight smells of lemon-verbena and snow falls up from the ground, Nila learns she is more than just a waitress in her grandmother’s diner. Much more. But the news isn't all good. Nila is betrothed to the crown prince, the brother of her lone friend in this strange place. But she isn't ready to be anyone's princess, and boys from her new home might just be worse than the ones in her high school. As her feelings for her friend grow from friendship to more, Nila is torn between an obligation to the crown and her own desires. If she follows her heart, everything and everyone she loves could be swallowed up in darkness forever. If she meets her obligations and fulfills her destiny, she may still end up alone.