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Nov 11, 2020 What to Do When You Can’t Catch a Break Researchers say the key to breaking the cycle is to detach yourself from the frustrations you feel — without pretending the pain doesn’t exist. Scholarship Program. Scholarship America is no longer managing the Catch a Break! Scholarship Program. Please check the Catch a Break! Website for more information. Interested in learning about additional scholarship opportunities? Visit the Scholarship America Hub to match with available scholarships. Translations in context of 'catch a break' in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: That woman can't catch a break.

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catch a break

1. To obtain or receive a convenient, beneficial, and/or lucky opportunity. I finally caught a break when a big Hollywood producer asked me to audition for a part in the movie.
2. To receive special treatment or a favorable deal, especially regarding a reduced price on something. Tenants in the city center will be catching a break on rental prices when the city council introduces a new rent-control scheme next year.You'll catch a break on your car insurance if you don't get in any accidents while you're driving.
3. To obtain new information leading toward a solution to a given problem. The detectives finally caught a break when an anonymous caller tipped them off to the kidnapper's location.
4. To get relief from some difficulty or problem(s). We're hoping to catch a break from the drought with a little bit of rainfall this weekend.First ,my car breaks down and then I lose my keys to the apartment—I just can't catch a break today!
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tomar un descanso
tomar un respiro
tomarse un descanso
tenido suerte
tomarse un respiro
coger un descanso
tengamos suerte
dejan en paz
Esa mujer no puede tomar un descanso.
No puedo tomar un descanso aquí.
Hombre, no puedo tener un descanso.
Dios, no puedo tener un descanso.
No puedo tomar un respiro con ese chico.
Man, I can't catch a break for all the clowns in this chapter.
Viejo, no puedo tomar un respiro de estos payasos en esta sede.
Tú y yo nunca tenemos un descanso.
No puedo tomar un descanso hoy.

Catch A Break In Spanish

Hombre, no puedes tomar un descanso.
Quizás esta vez vamos a tomar un descanso.
Bueno, quizás podamos tomarnos un descanso.
Parece que no puedo tener un descanso.
Parece que nunca puedes tener un descanso.
Esta defensa de los Panthers no se puede tomar un descanso.
That's just Michael continuing to not catch a break.
Eso es sólo Michael continua para no tomar un descanso.
Parece que no podemos tomarnos un descanso este año.
Caramba, no puedes tener un descanso, ¿verdad?
We were hoping the reward money would help us catch a break, but...
Esperamos que el dinero de la recompensa... nos ayude a tomar un respiro, pero...
So while a real mom with more experience than Was fixing Sue, I could finally catch a break.
Mientras una madre de verdad con más experiencia que yo se ocupaba de Sue, yo podría finalmente tomar un descanso.

Catch A Break Idiom

I have to say I was really beginning to wonder when I was going to catch a break if it was even possible for a shorter guy to catch a break.
Tengo que decir que realmente estaba empezando a preguntarse cuándo iba a tener un descanso si era incluso posible para un tipo más corto para tomar un descanso.
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