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For those outside of the world of gaming, the idea of purchasing a wifi extender may never cross their mind. A wifi extender extends the signal produced by your router, giving you access to faster, reliable internet. This not only helps improve download and upload speeds no matter where in your home you are located, but it can also significantly improve the ping on various games. Ping refers to the time it takes small pieces of information to be sent and return to the computer, and the lower the ping the better the connection. While this may seem like a minuscule consideration for anyone outside of the gaming community, lag spikes and input delays can make all the difference for gamers, especially those who are semi-pro or professional. Whether you’re looking for wifi extenders or the best modems for gaming, we have you covered.

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That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best wifi extenders for gaming, so you can make an informed choice as to what wifi extender will help you beat out the competition the next time you load in.

Our Favorite Wifi Extenders For Gaming In 2020

While this wifi extender may look a little bit like a rabbit, those four antennas serve an important purpose. Designed to be placed at the midway point between your router and the location you are looking to extend wifi to, these handy antennas allow the TP-Link AC2600 WiFi Range Extender to deliver WiFi signals directly to your devices anywhere in your home using Beamforming Technology. This handy extender is made to connect to multiple devices at the same time without straining or overloading your connection. Boasting 2.4GHz 800Mbps/5GHz 1733Mbps, the TP-Link AC2600 WiFi Range Extender features ethernet connection points to allow you to wire your devices directly to the source. However, as mentioned by one reviewer, “The extender doesn’t remember past connections, so it has to be set up if you switch back to a router you used to use.” However, with over 18,500 ratings and over a thousand of answered questions, this is a great baseline WiFi extender for anyone looking to up their gaming.

Adding a home mesh network is another way to improve the coverage of your Wifi. Although its purpose is generally the same as a Wifi extender, it uses different methods. The mesh sends Wifi signals to nodes that are strategically located in your house to expand the range of your network. Trying to find the best way to extend the signal of one of these Sim card routers. Because if where we are, we can't get home networking and have to use one of these. Rest of the details are in the comments as title blank isn't large enough!

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If you’re bringing a Wi-Fi speaker to enjoy music by the pool – such as a Sonos One or Google Home Max – remember your wireless network will have to extend outside. Apr 07, 2021 Apr 7, 2021 The bottom line: before you buy any new hardware, make sure your current router is positioned in the center of the home and not obstructed by walls or furniture. For the average consumer, mesh extenders like Eero and Plume are the easiest way to extend WiFi in a large home. The average US adult spends 24 hour per week online.

TP-Link AC2600 WiFi Extender(RE650), Up to 2600Mbps, Dual Band WiFi Range Extender, Gigabit port, Internet Booster, Repeater, Access Point,4x4 MU-MIMO
  • Extend the range of your Wi Fi with the dual band RE650, compatible with any type of Router / Gateway / Access Point ( 2.4GHz 800Mbps / 5GHz 1733Mbps)
  • Quad Antenna design for ultimate coverage for all areas of your home
  • MU-MIMO Wave 2 technology allows the RE650 to talk to Multiple devices at once for optimal Performance between devices. Beamforming Technology sends targeted Wi Fi signal to individual devices for stronger connections
  • Smart indicator lights help provide optimal placement. Should be installed between the Router and the desired area
  • Gigabit Ethernet port connects wired devices to your network for high speed connection

The Netgear WN2500RP-100NAS N600 Desktop WiFi Range Extender offers four wired connection options as well as wireless connectivity and device support. It allows you to extend dual band wifi up to 600Mbps and is ideal for both gaming and HD streaming. With Push N’ Connect technology, this router is a snap to set up and even easier to start using. While it does not boast as wide of a range as some of the other options on this list, this is a good option for anyone who is looking to boost their desktop or console gaming experience, as its desktop-friendly design allows you to enhance your connectivity localized to your gaming setup. Most reviewers lauded how easy this extender was to set up, mentioning that all they needed to do was download the password and they were all set to go. As one reviewer noted, this extender “looks nice and works great, easy for newbies to set up.” For those looking to give their connection that extra boost, this is a good starter WiFi extender.

SaleNetgear WN2500RP-100NAS N600 Desktop WiFi Range Extender (WN2500RP)
  • Ideal for extending WiFi to devices like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPad 2, and PlayStation 3
  • Extend dual band WiFi up to 600Mbps
  • 4 Ethernet Ports - Connect a wired device like Blu-ray player, game console, or smart TV to your WiFi network
  • FastLane Technology - Use both WiFi bands to establish one super high-speed connection; ideal for HD streaming & gaming
  • Easy Installation - Push 'N' Connect connects computers and/or routers to the extender quickly and securely. No CD orEthernet cable required

Best Way To Extend Wifi Reddit Internet

With ethernet ports specifically designed for gaming and 4K streaming devices, the Medialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Router provides 1000 Mbps wired speed to any attached device. This WiFi extender offers a Universal Range Extender, perfect for large households or enhancing WiFi reception in areas with spotty service. The dual antenna system allows a stronger signal to reach further than traditional routers, allowing you to connect faster no matter where your gaming setup is located. With a total combined wireless speed of 1200 Mbps, this router is ideal for gaming. And with integrated firewalls and protected connections, you can ensure no one is piggybacking on your connection. With 80% 5-star reviews, this WiFi extender has the evidence to back itself up. In an overwhelmingly positive review, one satisfied customer noted, “[I] used my wired desktop computer to get it up and running. No issues with setup, surprised at how smooth it went. Very impressed.” While this WiFi extender may not appear as powerful as some of the other options on the market, it holds its own for gaming, streaming, and more.


Reddit Best Wifi Extender

Medialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Router - Gigabit (1000 Mbps) Wired Speed & AC 1200 Mbps Combined Wireless Speed (Part# MLWR-AC1200R) Best Way To Extend Wifi Reddit
  • 10X’S THE SPEED: Most routers in this price range have only “Fast Ethernet” ports that max out at 100Mbps. Our router has Gigabit ports to give you 1,000Mbps for lag-free 4K video streaming & gaming.
  • RANGE: Beamforming and 2 high powered antennas work together to cover larger homes by focusing the wireless signal directly to your device
  • SAFE: Robust firewall and wireless security keeps out unwanted visitors while Guest Network access gives a separate safe and secure connection to guests
  • FULL CONTROL: Are the router lights too bright? Turn them off! Are your kids staying online too late at night? Restrict access to only the times you want
  • RANGE EXTENDER: Extend any existing wireless network using the Universal Range Extender Mode to cover even larger areas & keep all your devices on the same network

While we doubt you have over 50 Wifi-enabled devices in your home, the NETGEAR Wifi Mesh Range Extender EX8000 is the heavy hitter of WiFi extenders. Made to cover up to 2,500 square feet (the average family home size in America), and offering a speed boost of up to 3,000 Mbps, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an issue with this useful extender. Worried about getting kicked out of the lobby while loading in? Not an issue. The NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX8000 has seamless smart roaming technology, using your existing network SSID name to keep you connected, no matter where in the house you end up. With over 25,281 satisfied 5-star reviews, the track record of this WiFi extender is hard to beat. But don’t just take it from us. After months of searching for the right wifi service, one reviewer wrote, “It is very attractive, sits nicely on my desk, has no annoying external antennas, is easy to set up, and most importantly, our search for obtaining a strong WiFi signal to the back house has been resolved.” Sleek, easy to use, and sure to boost your wifi signal exponentially, this extender is sure to be a major hit.

SaleNETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX8000 - Coverage Up to 2500 Square Feet and 50 Devices with AC3000 Tri-Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater (Up to 3000 Mbps Speed), Plus Mesh Smart Roaming
  • Extended wireless coverage: Adds Wi-Fi range coverage up to 2500 square feet, and connects up to 50 devices such as laptops, smartphones, speakers, IP cameras, tablets, Iot devices, and more
  • Seamless smart roaming: Uses your existing network SSID name so you never get disconnected as you move around your home or office
  • Ac3000 Wi-Fi speed: Provides up to 3000 mbps performance using Tri band and patented fastlane3 (TM) technology for heavy duty 4k HD streaming and multi-player gaming
  • Universal compatibility: Works with any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem with Wi-Fi
  • Wired Ethernet ports: Simply plug in game consoles, streaming players, or other wired devices into the 4 Gigabit ports for maximum speed

ASUS knows gaming. They may not be as well-known as Alienware or other gaming computers, but their equipment keeps in mind the strain modern games put on your WiFi router, and their goal is smooth out the process you can focus more on racking up wins. Boasting a connection speed of over 5334 Mbps, as well as a connection range of 5,000 square feet (twice the size of the average American home), this alien-looking router is a must-have for the professional and serious casual gamer. Not only does this extender support every type of laptop, gaming device, and system, it also has alternating WiFi bands to provide consistent speed to users no matter where their device is located. As one reviewer who experiences previous connection issues before purchasing this extender noted, “[as] soon I switched to this router it was immediately noticeable that it was no longer an issue…Definitely recommend to any gamers out there that may be having connectivity issues.” No matter the game or system you play on, the ASUS RT-AC53000 Tri-band WiFi Gaming Router will reduce the number of dropped connections and help take your gaming skills to the top of the ranks.


Ways To Extend Wifi Signal

ASUS WiFi Gaming Router (RT-AC5300) - Tri-Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, Gaming & Streaming, AiMesh Compatible, Included Lifetime Internet Security, Adaptive QoS, Parental Control, MU-MIMO

Best Way To Extend Wifi Reddit Video

  • Tri band (Dual 5 GHz, single 2; 4 GHz) with the latest 802; 11AC 4x4 technology for maximum throughput (5334 Mbps) and coverage (up to 5, 000 square feet )
  • Mu memo technology enables multiple compatible clients to connect at each client’s respective maximum speed; Supports every operating System, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Built in ACCESS to Waist gamers private network (GPN) of route optimized servers ensures low, stable ping times for gaming; Printer Server ; Multifunctional printer support (Windows only)
  • A protection powered by Trend Micro provides multi stage protection from vulnerability detection to protecting sensitive data
  • ASUS Smart Connect delivers consistent bandwidth by dynamically switching devices between 2; 4 and 5 GHz bands based on speed, load and signal strength ; NOTE : Refer the user manual ; WAN Connection Type: Internet connection type : Automatic IP, Static IP, Pepo(MPPE supported), PPTP, L2TP.DC Output : 19 Volt with max; 3.42 A current