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The first advice you hear from people when you ask them about streaming is “just start and you will figure things out”. This is indeed good initial advice, but once you have streamed once or twice you probably realized there is more to streaming than “just doing it”.

One important aspect which largely gets overlooked by up-and-coming streamers is their streaming schedule. Most of the time people tend to stream when they feel like it, or when it is comfortable for them. This is not necessarily bad for your very first steps, but if you have decided to take Twitch seriously and build a career around it, you must carefully select an appropriate streaming schedule and figure out the best time to stream on Twitch.

Stream Schedule Panel

  • People who enjoy card games watch at a different time to people who enjoy FPS games. So enter the name of a game in the search box and we will generate a heat map so you can see when it's best to stream that particular game on Twitch.
  • However, if you stream in widely spoken languages such as English, it would also be a smart idea to select a time based on where your viewers live. For example, a good time to stream in this specific case would be the time of day where the majority of the U.S.A would be on Twitch.

This one will be quick. First and foremost, have a nice panel under your stream that displays your current streaming schedule. You don’t want a picture drawn in MS Paint displaying your schedule. The quickest way to achieve great results is to use the “Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown” extension. You can find it in the “Creator Dashboard” menu under the”Extensions” option. It is sleek, customizable, and readily available to everyone. Simple as that!

Figuring Out Time Zones

The world is not flat (as claimed by some); therefore people living in different countries have different time zones they follow. An important step in setting up your streaming schedule to ensure the growth of your channel is taking those time differences into account. Obviously, this does not immediately make you a successful streamer but it is a solid step towards that goal. If you would like to find out more ways to focus on the growth of your channel you can follow this article, otherwise, let’s get back on track to figuring out when is the best time to stream.

Twitch is the world`s leading video platform and community for gamers.

When asking yourself what is the best time to stream on Twitch you must understand that it’s important to account for where you live and also account for where your viewers live.

The easier choice is to base your streaming schedule on where you live since you are accustomed to it and also know the time slots where the majority of the population is on their devices seeking entertainment. This works especially well when the language in which you stream is only used in specific areas of the globe. If for example, you stream in Russian, it would make sense to custom fit your streaming schedule to the time slots when people use their phones/PC’s the most. You could stream every weekday from 19:00 to 00:00 and on weekends you could start your stream even earlier (around 17:00) since you know most people have free time and are relaxing at home.

However, if you stream in widely spoken languages such as English, it would also be a smart idea to select a time based on where your viewers live. For example, a good time to stream in this specific case would be the time of day where the majority of the U.S.A would be on Twitch. You are basically sacrificing your comfort and the local audience for a broader international audience that could potentially result in higher view counts. It will be up to you to decide whether it is a worthwhile tradeoff since it might be that the best times to be live for the US audiences are in the middle of the night for you!

Best Time To Stream On Twitch In Australia

You will need to conduct a little bit of research and a bit of trial & error experimentation to figure out what will work out best for you, but overall this is already a huge leap towards the right direction from a no-schedule stream!

Finding the Right Game to Play

Best Time To Stream On Twitch 2020

Initially, people come to watch your streams not because they think you are funny, or because of your great emotes, they come to see the game they enjoy being played. Even though that does not sound great, it is a truth that Twitch streamers must come to terms with.

Considering this fact, it is also highly recommended to form a schedule without disregarding the audience of the game you play.

You must think of the best days and times for the game you play and stream accordingly. If you stream Zelda, then most likely the audience you are garnering is quite young (not to say that there are no older hardcore Zelda fans). Therefore, it would be appropriate to set up a schedule, according to which you do not stream too late or too early. This takes into account the fact that most of your audience has school activities and cannot watch you during the day, or too late at night.

If by contrast, you stream hardcore World of Warcraft gameplay, then it would be smarter to have late-night streams since you know for a fact that the majority of the game’s audience is mature.

Another smaller known but still important factor is the popularity of the game in the geographical region. In many cases, the popularity of games is not equally distributed geographically nor is it during the same time frames. For example, if you want to pick up an older game to stream, look into what regions still actively play those games. In many cases, games that have died out in the West, have a thriving audience in Russia, China, and Eastern Europe. Be aware of these things and plan accordingly!

Don’t Compete With the Top Dogs

Here comes one of the most important bits of information to digest before you settle for a streaming schedule: BE AWARE of the times that the biggest streamers for your games are going live!

If you decide to stream a popular game then most likely there are already extremely popular streamers taking up the top spots on the Twitch page. The reality is that not many people will show up for your streams because someone who is wildly more popular is already streaming at those times. A great idea in conjunction with everything else that was said is to not stream while the big guys are out there. Choose late night times, or very early mornings when you can have some time with no big names around!

A quick tip so you can effectively ninja dodge every big streamer out there: you can use twitchtracker. It will offer you vital stats including an abundance of data regarding when people stream. You can use this tool to form a schedule around avoiding the biggest names in your Twitch category.

The Finish Line

Twitch Strike

All you have to do now is take all the information above, decide what your priorities are, and set up a schedule that will fit your needs the best. Do not try imitating other people’s schedules and make sure to take care of your mental/physical health if you decide to try some out of this world schedule that turns you into a night dweller!

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Making your way up the long ladder that is Twitch is tough. You are competing with thousands of other people looking to grow their viewership. One of the decisions that you need to make when creating a schedule for your stream is when you can believe you will reach the biggest audience. Finding a time with which you can utilize your streaming optimally takes time and experimentation while needing to fit it into your existing duties.

Popular Searches

When it comes to picking a time to stream, you need to establish what audience your stream is reaching for.

If you play hugely popular games typically picked up by the biggest streamers, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, then you will need to be smart about finding your audience. It’s extremely unlikely that any of those viewers from the big streamers will drop them to come to your stream.


Check the schedule of those streamers and try to stream before or after they finish to give yourself a chance of picking up that audience.

If you typically play games that are viral hits, such as Fall Guys, Among Us, or Genshin Impact, try to carve your schedule out during a typically quiet period for your time zone. This includes times such as in the morning or early afternoon. With this, it could allow you to pick up a bigger share of the audience at this time. It may not have the highest viewer count throughout the day on Twitch, but you will have less competition from those hosting these games in the evening.

If you are a streamer dedicated to a single game, the time of day is less important. So long you have a schedule that you stick to, network with other players of the game, and continue to play the game consistently, you should naturally bring people who enjoy content from that game will typically return. This is more so if you play a niche game with a smaller but dedicated following, such as the Souls game or osu!

How To Go Live On Twitch

However, if you can also stick to a dedicated, less congested time of day with your game, it should give you the best opportunity to help grow a dedicated following for your schedule.

Ultimately, there is no set time that is best to stream on Twitch. Different times work better for individual needs, and if you stick to a schedule with a time that suits you, progress will come with it.


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