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What is business transcription?

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Our transcription rates are affordable and include transcription plus proofreading of your audio or video files. Secure and quick file upload. Amazon Transcribe is an AWS service that makes it easy for customers to convert speech-to-text. Using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, customers can choose to use Amazon Transcribe for a variety of business applications, including transcription of voice-based customer service calls, generation of subtitles on audio/video content.

Business transcription service is the conversion of any audio or video recording into textual form. Audio or video files that serve as objects of transcription services include: presentations, teleclasses, interviews, webinars, seminars, teleseminars, workshops, meeting recordings, conferences, etc.

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Aws Translate Pricing

Do you provide transcription for board meetings?

Aws Transcription Pricing

Yes, we do. Board meetings are an integral part of each and every organization and corporate company. It is advised to keep text record of board meetings without leaving any information that is discussed in the meeting. Keeping this in mind we provide board meeting transcription services.

Aws Transcription Pricing Chart

Aws Transcription Pricing

Aws Transcribe Service

How much does audio transcription cost per hour?

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We offer audio transcription services to business clients, organizations, educational institutions, podcasters and personal clients. Our charge starts from $0.70 per minute or $42 per hour.