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  1. Using the Alpha 100, you can have up to 20 Garmin t5 collars or other Alpha 100 handhelds. When tracking dogs with the T5 collar, the Alpha 100 handheld will come back with each dog’s speed, distance and the direction being travelled.
  2. A single Alpha 100 can track up to 20 dogs or fellow hunters when using either additional Alpha 100 handhelds or T5 device (each sold separately). Extend Your Battery. When using the T5, switch to Rescue Mode to prolong the battery life. When the T5 reaches approximately 25 percent battery life, it will automatically slow down the update rate.

Key Features of the Garmin Alpha 200i: New Design: The Alpha 200i has a sleek, thinner design with a larger screen than its predecessor the Alpha 100. It’s still built tough to withstand the outdoors and is extremely heavy duty. New Touchscreen Design: The Alpha 200i has a phone-like touch screen that allows you to swipe up, down and side to side for easier navigation throughout the Alpha.

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  1. Alpha and DriveTrack 70 Pairing issues

    Garmin has improved the Alpha to DriveTrack pairing process with software updates since the inception of the DriveTrack 70. However, having the Alpha and the DriveTrack fail to pair with each other is still common. This often happens after they become separated from each other, and then for some reason will not pair back up together. Here are a few...
  2. How to remove the 'Pink or Purple' line from an Alpha

    A common troubleshooting question we receive is 'How do I get rid of the Pink or Purple line on my Alpha map screen?' The 'Pink or Purple ' line is to help guide you to a location. Often this happens by mistake. To remove the Pink / Purple line from an Alpha: Go to the map screen on your...
  3. My 100 Alpha Dog Training Icons Disappeared

    If you do not see your dog training icons at the top of your screen when in the map or compass page, you will need to change your Alpha 100 dashboard. Follow these steps starting at the main menu. Go to Setup Scroll down to Map Go to Dashboard Scroll down to Training You should now see the training icons...
  4. Garmin Alpha 100 Battery will not charge

    If you have issues getting your Garmin Alpha to charge the battery here are some trouble shooting ideas we would like you to try. Sometimes this is caused when a battery becomes fully depleted and has difficulty charging. 1. Plug in the device to a computer and update the software using Garmin WebUpdater 2. Remove the battery from the device...
  5. My Alpha Unit Keeps Zooming Out

    When your Alpha 100 handheld unit zooms out unexpectedly it is actually zooming out to try and show you where your dogs are. Most of the time this happens when you don't use all of your collars and so your hand held is still trying to show you the last place it received the location of the TT15 Tracking collar. ...
  6. Garmin Alpha won't Turn on

    Customer Issue with the Alpha not turning on: Question: The only thing that happens is the word Garmin comes up in the middle of the Alpha screen and then fades almost completely away and there is a blacker box probably a third of the bottom screen. When you put it on the charger it wont make that sound when you...
  7. Updating the TT10,TT15, T5 Collar Now Gives a Weird Beep (Ringing Sound)

    Have you updated your TT10,TT15 or T5 collar and are now having problems getting it to work? Does it give off a Ringing sound or Different Beep? Most of the time this is caused when you updated the collar with a MAC computer. To fix your Alpha (TT10,TT15,T5) collar find a PC computer and go through and re install the...
  8. Alpha Training Stimulation Chart Explaination

    There are two training stimulation modes for the Alpha 100, linear and traditional. Linear: Has levels 1 through 18. 1 being barely noticeable and 18 being severe. Traditional: Has levels 1 through 6 with high, medium, and low options for each level. 1 low being barely noticeable and 6 High being severe. With the Garmin Alpha regarding Corrections, ...
  9. Garmin Astro/Alpha Antenna Comparison Chart.

    Garmin Astro Antenna's Garmin Astro antenna comparison and rating chart. Range Durability Portability Total Score Stock Rubber Duck 2 stars 9 Stars 8 Stars 19/30 Stock 320 Extended Range 5 Stars 7 Stars 8 Stars 20/30 14inch Flexible 4.5 Stars 9 Stars 8.5 Stars 22/30 Long Range Rubber Duck 5 Stars 7 Stars 7 Stars 19/30 Folding Antenna 3.5...