Airflow 1.10

I'm running the Bridge 1.10.15 airflow version so we can migrate to Airflow 2, and I ran airflow upgradecheckand I'm seeing this FAILED: Custom Executors now require full path The documentation. In Airflow 1.10.x, we had to set the argument providecontext but in Airflow 2.0, that’s not the case anymore. Now, you just have to specify the keyword argument as a parameter for the python callable function.

  1. The default airflow.cfg file uses a temporary key that is the same for all installations. In Airflow 1.10.12 and earlier, there was no restriction in using that temporary key on the Airflow web server, meaning that the cookie signed using the default key for one Airflow web server could be used to access any other web server.
  2. Apache Airflow Documentation¶. Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows. Use Airflow to author workflows as Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) of tasks.
  3. Many new parameters have also been added to ‘airflow.cfg’ file in 1.10, so you might need to add those missing settings, otherwise, Airflow would give errors like below as it couldn’t find lineage.
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TODO: Update with Airflow 2.0 changes

Future Development Roadmap

As each item, and parts of each item on Airflow's future development is completed, the features are landed in the master branch, for inclusion in the next stable release of Airflow. Development in master is ongoing, in parallel to our stable releases, and new features always land on master first.

General information

Airflow 1.10 docs

The regular Airflow release cycle intends a new release series every six month. Each release series then enters into maintenance mode when the next major release version (1.10.0) comes out as the new current stable release series. Beyond this point, the series is discontinued (EOL).

That means, a series is

  • six months fully supported,
  • another six months in the maintenance mode,
Airflow 1.10

In total, each series is maintained for a period of approximately 12 months.


If 1.8 is the current release series, then 1.7 would be in maintenance mode. The support of 1.7 would be stopped with the release of 1.9.0.

Each series can have any number of desired minor releases. Any discontinued (EOL) series will not receive any further updates.

seriesgit-branchstatusstartedmaintenancediscontinued (EOL)
2.0 (details)masternew upcoming

1.10 (details)v1-10-stablecurrent stable release series2018-06-19

1.9 (details)v1-9-stable
1.8 (details)v1.8-stable
1.7 (non apache)airbnb_rb1.7.1_4pre-apache migration2016-06-13**2017-03-19

** Will not be maintained, due to incompatibilities with the Apache licensing


The mode describes the status of the release series. The following modes exist:

  • Upcoming Release
  • Current Stable Release
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Discontinued

Upcoming Release

Airflow 1.10

This is the new upcoming release branch. It's not ready for production. The branch is created when the first Release candidate becomes available for testing, otherwise development happens in our master GIT branch.

Blocker bugs and time rather than feature based releases

Releases are made to a time-fixed schedule, so not all bugs found during testing will cause the release to be held back. Blocker bugs are those few that meet the criteria for stopping a release candidate from becoming a release.

Current Stable Release

This is the current release branch. Available bug fixes will be included in the regular bug fix releases. Bug fix releases will be shipped on a as needed basis. New features or parameters will be added to major releases only and not within a release cycle (there might be rare exceptions).

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode means that there are regular bug fix releases to address major issues and security issues. Less patches are backported to this branch than to the current release series.

Discontinued (End of Life)

There won't be any other versions of this release series.

Release Branch Checkin Procedure

The release branch is created at the time of the first release candidate.

The release branches are closed to direct checkin as soon as they are created, so for all branches, only bug fixes are allowed into the branch, according to the following procedure:

Airflow 1.10
  • Every bug that is to be patched in a closed branch needs to be associated with a bug report in the Airflow Jira.
    • If the bug is a regression that qualifies as blocker bug to hold back a major release, ensure it marked as a regression and has the correct milestone set.
  • The patch for the bug should already be in master, if possible.
  • Open the bug before making the commit into master, if it is expected that this patch will need to be backported.
  • Once Travis' build has passed and in master on incubator-airflow.git, it should be cherry-picked from master to the branch using git cherry-pick -x and git format-patch -1.
    • The cherry-pick -x adds the (cherry-picked from XXXXX) marker, which allows tracing of patch history though the different branches
  • Add BUG tags to patches that do not already have them
    • The bug should be ASSIGNED, reopen it if the bug is already closed.
    • It is acceptable to file a bug at this stage if one does not already exist.
  • The developer of the patch needs to convince the community that the bug is critical enough to be included in a closed branch.
    • This is done by discussing it on the mailinglist with a vote uploaded patch.
  • The Release Manager applies the patch from bugzilla only if the patch has been signed off.
    • The Release Manager then closes the bug when the patches have landed in all appropriate branches.

pip install apache-airflow-backport-providers-openfaas

Backport provider package apache-airflow-backport-providers-openfaas for Apache Airflow

Project description

Release: 2021.3.3

Table of contents

  • Provider class summary
    • Hooks
  • Releases

Backport package

This is a backport providers package for openfaas provider. All classes for this provider packageare in airflow.providers.openfaas python package.

Only Python 3.6+ is supported for this backport package.

While Airflow 1.10.* continues to support Python 2.7+ - you need to upgrade python to 3.6+ if youwant to use this backport package.

Release 2021.3.3

Bug fixes

  • Corrections in docs and tools after releasing provider RCs (#14082)

Release 2021.2.5


  • Add openfaas sync call (#13356)


You can install this package on top of an existing airflow 1.10.* installation viapip install apache-airflow-backport-providers-openfaas

In Airflow 2.0, all operators, transfers, hooks, sensors, secrets for the openfaas providerare in the airflow.providers.openfaas package. You can read more about the naming conventions usedin Naming conventions for provider packages


Moved hooks

Airflow 2.0 hooks: airflow.providers.openfaas packageAirflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)


Release 2021.3.3

10343ec292021-02-05Corrections in docs and tools after releasing provider RCs (#14082)

Release 2021.2.5

88bdcfa0d2021-02-04Prepare to release a new wave of providers. (#14013)
ac2f72c982021-02-01Implement provider versioning tools (#13767)
3fd5ef3552021-01-21Add missing logos for integrations (#13717)
abf34b8ab2021-01-01Kuba openfaas sync call (#13356)
295d66f912020-12-30Fix Grammar in PIP warning (#13380)
6cf76d7ac2020-12-18Fix typo in pip upgrade command :( (#13148)
32971a1a22020-12-09Updates providers versions to 1.0.0 (#12955)
b40dffa082020-12-08Rename remaing modules to match AIP-21 (#12917)
c34ef853c2020-11-20Separate out documentation building per provider (#12444)
0080354502020-11-18Update provider READMEs for 1.0.0b2 batch release (#12449)
ae7cb4a1e2020-11-17Update wrong commit hash in backport provider changes (#12390)
6889a333c2020-11-15Improvements for operators and hooks ref docs (#12366)
7825e8f592020-11-13Docs installation improvements (#12304)
85a18e13d2020-11-09Point at pypi project pages for cross-dependency of provider packages (#12212)
59eb5de782020-11-09Update provider READMEs for up-coming 1.0.0beta1 releases (#12206)
b2a28d1592020-11-09Moves provider packages scripts to dev (#12082)
4e8f9cc8d2020-11-03Enable Black - Python Auto Formmatter (#9550)
5a439e84e2020-10-26Prepare providers release 0.0.2a1 (#11855)

Release 2020.10.29

b680bbc0b2020-10-24Generated backport providers readmes/setup for 2020.10.29
349b0811c2020-10-20Add D200 pydocstyle check (#11688)
16e7129712020-10-13Added support for provider packages for Airflow 2.0 (#11487)
0a0e1af802020-10-03Fix Broken Markdown links in Providers README TOC (#11249)

Release 2020.10.5

ca4238eb42020-10-02Fixed month in backport packages to October (#11242)
5220e4c382020-10-02Prepare Backport release 2020.09.07 (#11238)
fdd9b6f652020-08-25Enable Black on Providers Packages (#10543)
3696c34c22020-08-24Fix typo in the word 'release' (#10528)
ee7ca128a2020-08-22Fix broken Markdown refernces in Providers README (#10483)
fc8d38d5f2020-07-20improve typing for openfaas provider (#9883)
d0e7db4022020-06-19Fixed release number for fresh release (#9408)

Release 2020.6.24

12af6a0802020-06-19Final cleanup for 2020.6.23rc1 release preparation (#9404)
c7e5bce572020-06-19Prepare backport release candidate for 2020.6.23rc1 (#9370)
f6bd817a32020-06-16Introduce 'transfers' packages (#9320)
0b0e4f7a42020-05-26Preparing for RC3 release of backports (#9026)
00642a46d2020-05-26Fixed name of 20 remaining wrongly named operators. (#8994)
375d1ca222020-05-19Release candidate 2 for backport packages 2020.05.20 (#8898)
12c5e5d8a2020-05-17Prepare release candidate for backport packages (#8891)
f3521fb0e2020-05-16Regenerate readme files for backport package release (#8886)
92585ca4c2020-05-15Added automated release notes generation for backport operators (#8807)
4bde99f132020-03-23Make airflow/providers pylint compatible (#7802)
05443c6dc2020-03-23Add missing call to Super class in remaining providers (#7828)
5f784ae5c2020-03-14[AIRFLOW-7061] Rename openfass to openfaas (#7721)

Release historyRelease notifications RSS feed


2021.3.3rc1 pre-release


2021.2.5rc1 pre-release

2020.10.29 yanked

2020.10.29rc1 pre-release


2020.10.5rc1 pre-release


Airflow 1.10 Docs

2020.6.24rc1 pre-release

2020.5.20rc3 pre-release

2020.5.20rc2 pre-release

2020.5.20rc1 pre-release

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Hashes for apache_airflow_backport_providers_openfaas-2021.3.3-py3-none-any.whl
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Airflow 1.10.7


Hashes for apache-airflow-backport-providers-openfaas-2021.3.3.tar.gz

Airflow 1.10.3

Hashes for apache-airflow-backport-providers-openfaas-2021.3.3.tar.gz
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