Aerobask Da62

Already depicted by Aerobask with an experimental avionics set, the Epic E1000 is back with a completely new version, fitted with custom-enhanced Laminar G1000 suite. Now close to certification, this all composite, carbon fiber aircraft redefines the standard of excellence in the personal aviation marketplace.
The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-67A turboprop engine with monstrous 1200 SHP provides slingshot acceleration, jet-class speed of more than 325 knots, making the Epic E1000 the fastest and quickest aircraft of its class.

Da62Aerobask da62 engine fire

Jun 13, 2019 In reality the Aerobask Diamond DA62 was pretty well conceived right out of the original release aircraft. All Aerobask does here is keep the aircraft within the current standards and features (X-Plane v11.35) and that is simply what you get here. Intro Wikipedia states that the Diamond DA62 is a five to seven seat, twin-engined light aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries and first announced in March 2012. Diamond Aircraft Industries is a Chinese-owned manufacturer of general aviation aircraft and motor gliders, based in Austria. DA-62 by Aerobask - Beach Scenery - TrackIR profiles - Store - https. The DA62 was European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)-certified on 16 April 2015. The DA62 is a twin-engined light aircraft. Our aircraft comes with the new Garmin G1000 from Laminar Research. We add a lot of custom features, such the ECU management, the DeIce and oxygen system. The aircraft is fully designed for X-Plane 11.

    Aerobask quality 3D model
  • * Completely reworked and re-scaled exterior and interior model
  • * New 4K PBR textures
  • * 11 stunning liveries out of the box
  • * Color-matching interior based on livery
  • * White (for painters) and Lo-res liveries availalbe through Aerobask website.
  • * Smooth and VR-friendly manipulators
  • Professional Flight model
  • * New flight model by X-Aerodynamics
  • * Tested by actual owner Gianfranco Somma
  • * Matches latest certification prototype performance
  • High quality sounds
  • * full FMOD environment by Daniela Rodriguez Careri
  • * samples from real PT-6 engine
  • * in-game volume control without pausing the sim
  • Enhanced Laminar G1000
  • * Integrates new XP11.30 GFC700 autopilot
  • * Custom MFD PT-6 engine parameters (on PFD in reversion mode)
  • * Optional mouse, scrollwheel and dialpad support for easy data input
  • * Optional keyboard support for dialpad and flight plan input
  • * Custom detachable popups with fixed ratio and all optional features above
  • * Note: some of the optional features may need VR-mouse at the moment
  • Deep system emulation
  • * Realistic engine startup procedure
  • * Implements new XP11.30 boots-based wings and stabilizer de-icing system
  • * Implements new XP11.30 oxygen system for emergencies
  • * Functional breakers, with configurable reliability
  • * Fully simulated MD302 Standby Attitude Module
  • Special effects
  • * Rain and windshield icing using librain plugin from Saso Kiselkov
  • * Dynamic reflections
  • * custom heat blur effect on both sides
  • * custom engine twin-contrails
  • Other
  • * Avitab tablet, with integrated options panel
  • * Detachable and VR-friendly 2D options panel
  • * Preferences, fuel and payload saved between flights

Review by Stephen Dutton :

Aerobask Da62 Checklist

The Diamond DA62 is a five to seven seat, twin-engined light aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries. The DA62 series is powered by the Austro Engine AE330. A turbocharged common-rail injected 2.0 liter jet fuel engine. With 180 HP and EECU single lever control system.

Aerobask Da62


  • Flight model by X-Aerodynamics, very closely matching real performance (based on public data).
  • Fully Integrated Laminar Garmin G1000 with custom EIS and annunciations (In 3D only).
  • Fully functional virtual 3D cockpit, with smooth and VR-friendly manipulators.
  • High quality 3D model with high resolution PBR textures (4K).
  • FMOD High Quality Enhanced 3D system sounds, including Doppler and Flanger effects.
  • Customized FADEC/ECU with test procedure.
  • Simulated oxygen system.
  • Simulated ice protection system.
  • MD302: custom coded Standby Attitude Module.
  • Fully functional breakers (configurable reliability).
  • Windshield effects: reflections, rain and frost.
  • Many parameters saved between flights.
  • Configurable pilots, passengers and luggage.
  • Optimized to save FPS.
  • Available for X-Plane 11 Windows/Mac/Linux. 4GB+ VRAM Recommended

Aerobask Da62 Manual