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New toonie honours Haida culture. Citizen staff / Prince George Citizen. July 28, 2020 10:01 AM. Toonies For Youth GoldRush Draw Results For December 10th, 2020: #28873. Good luck to all our AMAZING participants next week!!! Thank you all so much for your incredible support!

2020 Canadian Toonie

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2020 Toonie

2020 toonie


2020 Toonie
April 24, 2021
Given our new provincial COVID-19 restrictions, the Bay Treasure Chest Association must temporarily cease its Weekly Toonie Draw activity until further notice after the chests are picked up at noon this Wednesday, April 28th*.
Details about the April 28th draw
-It will have the usual deadline of noon this Wednesday to play. *PLEASE NOTE: we will remove a chest earlier if a retailer requests that we do so.
-However, for safety reasons, given the count that precedes the draw involves a minimum number of volunteers, the April 28th draw date is unknown at this time. Watch for information about the April 28th draw, and the chests being put back in the community for future play, in our weekly Wednesday emails, on Facebook and on this website.
-There will be no rollover for this draw. A number will be drawn until there’s a winner
Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We appreciate your ongoing support and please stay well!
Dolores Boutilier
BTCA Office Administrator
[email protected]
Bill Roberts
BTCA Director
[email protected]